Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Princess!

It seems so cliche, but it really does seem like I just brought Lucy Jane home from the hospital. Everyone says, it goes by so quickly...well they are right! My little girl was just going to her weight check with Dr. Fred in her precious little gown...all 6 pounds 6 ounces of her.

My dad was just rocking her for the first time, and I remember thinking, holy cow...he is going to melt right here in front of me! 

She was just napping on her Daddy's chest while he stared at her in awe.

Then I blinked! 
My baby went from Itsy bitty on my hip...

To my sweet buddy that I can't imagine a day without!

I love our talks, and how she dreams! Her imagination is huge and I hope it never changes! Her compassion for others is so genuine! She is so protective of those she loves, and wants everyone to be happy! I pray that the challenges of parenting can strengthen our relationship and not break it. I pray that her fun personality and spirit is never broken, but that she is humble and let's her heart be led by Jesus. 

We started our day with donuts at school with friends! 

Rich, Kaylor, and I brought her chic-fil-a for lunch! She loved that we sat at her very own special table to eat with just her! 

Her Daddy gets extra loving these days. She thinks he's pretty special!

After school, we stopped by Euna Mae's to use my Mother's Day gift card and Mrs. Amy and Miss Grace had a sweet surprise for Lucy Jane!

She felt pretty special! :)

Today was such a fun day celebrating our first baby! She has reassured me I don't have to cry because she is growing up! She said, she will always be my daughter...and there are lots of pictures for me to look at from when she was little when I get sad! Such a funny girl! 

Four just seems so big girlish to me. Not sure I like it. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Little Ballerina

Sunday night, Lucy Jane had her Spring Ballet Recital! This was her first year to take dance, and we have an awesome program through our church called The Crosschurch Dance Ministry! There are girls of all ages. They work so hard all year long and learn about worshipping Jesus through song and dance! I have loved seeing Lucy Jane grow throughout the year! 

Last week they had four practices to get ready for Sunday! It was a long week, but seeing the whole production together made the sleepy nights so worth it! 

Lucy Jane and Annalyse posing in their matching tutu's at one of the practices! These girls are a mess! 

They are all in their own little world by this time during practice Tuesday night! Haha! 

Picture night...I could hardly get her to look at me for a picture!

Somehow, they get all the girls on track each week! I think when Momma's aren't around things go much more smoothly!

This is Lucy Jane's class with their sweet teachers!

Sweet friends being goofy, and bored waiting on the "real" thing to start! 

Sweet cousins and friends! 

I had just gotten her dressed and talked her into one quick picture! She was so excited and ready to get out there!

She did such a great job! Isn't it funny how they act so goofy during practice and then always pull it together for the performance!

When Lucy Jane was going up on stage for the last song, she ran and hugged this sweet little blonde teacher dancing in the front! It was so cute...then on her way down she invites her over for a play date and to her birthday party!!! Hahaha Lucy Jane looks up to these big girls! 

Her Daddy surprised her with flowers afterwards! She was so excited to get her very own flowers! She said, did he know those were my favorite kind! :)

We told her she could pick wherever she wanted to eat to celebrate her big night! She very VERY excitedly chose Taco Bell and said could we please sit inside and eat, too? How do you say no to that? (A girl after my own heart) so, we had a little party in Taco Bell! 

She got the new "Barbie in the Pink shoes" movie and Barbie doll! So exciting!!! 

So proud of Lucy Jane and hoping the real meaning of what she was involved in sinks into her little heart! It is so much more than an extracurricular activity! We are wanting to fill her little mind with as much Jesus as we can! So thankful for miss Julie and her heart for these girls!