Monday, September 1, 2014

First Day of Pre-K 4

Lucy Jane has started pre-school, like the year before kindergarten! Crazy to me that she is already this big! 

We went to meet her new teacher, Mrs. Ludwig. 

Lucy Jane was excited that she was in the same classroom as last year; however, she was disappointed that it wasn't kindergarten. For some reason, she was really looking forward to being a kindergartner!

It takes a village to get this family out the door in the mornings! 

She looks so big!!!

She has changed so much in a year!

She saw her sweet friend, Grayson, in the parking lot! :) always makes it easier to go in seeing a sweet friend! 

So excited! And look at that cute backpack! 

She knows where to go without our help! She wanted to just be dropped off, but decided it would be okay for us to walk her in if we HAD to! 

The night before school, she prayed, "Dear lord Jesus, please be with me as I start kindergarten! And wrap your arms around my momma because she will be worried!"

Love her heart! Looking forward to a great year!!!