Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being sick Stinks!!!

We have officially been hit with the sick bug around our house! It started Saturday afternoon for me and Sunday for LJ and Rich. The body aches and fever are enough but then add the coughing and nose junk....yuck! We have all three been piled up in the bed for 2 days and are more than ready to feel better. I took LJ to the dr yesterday morning and he said we have a virus that mimicks the flu....do no antibiotic will work. GREAT! it's bad enough being sick but watching it precious baby sick will break a momma's heart. Yesterday my sweet friend Jessica dropped off a sonic drink on my door step! So sweet!!!
Today, Lucy Jane had 102 temp and was still determined to get outside and swing! Poor baby! I just know tomorrow we are all going to wake up feeling like a million bucks! :) (fingers crossed)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Early Birthday Present!

Rich and I decided that we wanted to get Lucy Jane a swing set for her birthday! She is absolutely loving being outside and can pretty much do all the stuff at the park! We thought it was time! HOWEVER I had no idea how many different choices there were in choosing one for a child!!!

We think we picked the perfect one for her (and apparently Luke too) he has already climbed up with her several times! Here are a few pictures of her helping her daddy water the flower beds he just redid and of her playing on her swing set!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Way Behind!

I am so far behind with blogging...so instead of playing catch up I am just going to add a few recent pictures!
We are loving this beautiful weather! LJ loves being outside and we spend most of our day in the sun! Rich is working on redoing our flower beds, so we have lots of dirt to play in our yard! We are loving out new home and friendships in Springdale! God is so good!