Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Little Momma! (Miss Independent)

Lucy Jane thinks she should be kaylors mom! Once she has on her lipstick, everyone thinks she is a mom anyway! (So she says) 

She dresses him.

To coordinate her of course!

He lets her carry him everywhere.

She buckles him into the car seat...after she puts him into his seat by herself of course.

She gives him lots of kisses!

She pushes him wherever we need to go!

He's lost without her this morning! He keeps walking around the house saying sis, and looking for her! :) thankful he loves being "mothered" or bothered by her!!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Oh! Just a fun Sunday!

We all hit the bed for naps after church, which was amazing! For some reason, everyone sleeps good on Sunday afternoon!!! We needed to do a little show shopping for back to school, so the naps were necessary! 

Rich thought we all needed a milkshake to get started! Who can argue, right?

Ummm...I think Kaylor enjoyed his first milkshake! :) 

We ended the night at the AMP for a Crosshurh night of worship! It was amazing! 

We had just dropped the kids off at Pinnacle Hills! They have an amazing set up for kids! Mine love it there!

It was HOT! But it was good!l!! So thankful to be a part of such an awesome church!

We were challenged with this as we reach NWA for The Lord:

1. We are obligated.
2. We are eager.
3. We are not ashamed!

Celebrating Palmer Kate!

Saturday we got together to celebrate my new niece Palmer Kate! Only a few more weeks before we get to cuddle her in our arms, and to say I'm excited is an understatement!!!!!

The table looked beautiful! My mom used flowers from Josh and Haley's wedding as the centerpiece on the table! Love the sentiment of that :)

We used her hospital door hanger canvas on the table as well! Love her sweet name! 

And the cake...oh goodness, Shelby Lynn's always does a fabulous job! 

Haley had a wonderful shower with family and friends! She got tons of girly stuff!!! 

Haley is an amazing Momma to Hoyt, and I know she can't wait to add Palmer Kate to the family! (She HATES having her belly touched, but I couldn't resist!)

My mom was a great hostess! Love these two so much!

We got to visit with Lydia, which was so nice! Wish we all got together more!

You never know what will happen when these two are together! A true example of a life long friendship! Their faces, y'all! They really are crazy!

Nana and Hoyt Baby! Goodness he looks big here 😢

They attempted a picture with the grand kids! You can see how well that went!

So many more awesome people here to celebrate the day, but these are all the pictures I have! 

Love this sister of mine, and so thankful for the two babies she has blessed our family with!!! Praying for a smooth delivery, and easy transistion for Hoyt! 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

4th of July Weekend

It is so funny to think that a few years ago...our little girl looked like this on the 4th of July!

Time sure does go by quickly!!!  There were no matchy outfits on the lake today, but they were hanging in the closets! :) 

We loved spending time on our friends dock playing, cooking out, and enjoying the water.  I can't even believe how nice the weather was for us!  I am in shock at the cool breeze and temps that we enjoyed!

Love this cute girl!  She has just enough sass to be fun....although we do have to put it in check sometimes! 
Sweet friends sharing some fruit!  They had to take a little break from all the fun!  The Rausch Family was nice enough to let us all crash their dock for the day, and invited us to have dinner at their house!  Rich has always wanted to live on the lake and I have been against it because of the drive....but goodness it is beautiful at their house!
Mrs. Patti gave Kaylor a hot dog and he was in heaven! This sweet boy loves to eat!  (like his Momma)  He just went and sat down and took his sweet time devouring his lunch!

The set up for the day!  They had a huge slide that was so much fun!  The lay out chairs were in the perfect spot to relax and watch the kids at the same time!  Such a great group of friends...mommas and kiddos!

Kaylor had it made in the shade for his nap!  We always bring the pac-n-play so its easy for him to nap when he is ready!  Today we hooked up the box fan and he was out like a light!  Lake baby!

Sweet friends, Lucy Jane and Caroline!  My goodness they look big in this picture! 

We always have a good time at the lake, but it is so nice to have friends that you can share the days with!  Thankful for the memories we are making together!
Here are just a few random lake pictures!  :)

This is what a typical boat ride looks like!  haha I kinda like it!  :)  Not ready for them to outgrow my lap!