Tuesday, December 24, 2013

9 months Old!

Well, Kaylor is 9 months old! Crazy! Sweetest baby boy! He weighs 17 pounds and is FINALLY sleeping through the night! Wahoo!!!!!!! This is truly something to celebrate! He can say momma, (and I am not just interpreting mushy sounds) hi, and get anywhere he wants to go by scooting/crawling! He doesn't have the proper format down but his way works! I'm hoping that he will figure out the right way, but whatever works! 

He has found the light sockets...in every room of our our house...! And he just smiles when I spat his hand and say No! 

He has crazy hair......it sticks up everywhere!

He has a sister that adores him and carries him wherever he wants to go...and some places he doesn't want to go! 

This little boy is loved and spoiled rotten! 

He loves Luke...and could stare at him forever! 

He loves his Daddy, too! :)

He couldn't quit staring at Santa! 

He loved all the Christmas shopping trips! 

And sisters Christmas parties.....

He just loves being with Lucy Jane...period! :)

Especially when she dresses him up! :)

Happy Nine months baby boy! So glad we get to share this life with you! :) 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cozy Kiddos

We'll, the first snow of the winter has hit our area! I remember feeling so disappointed the first winter that we lived here because we did not get any snow! This winter is already making up for it! I love the way it looks out the window, but I'm not a huge fan of freezing outside! Thankfully, we never lost power like many of our friends and family did! We stayed cozied up inside and played tons! 

This is a picture of our playroom before we picked it up for the 100th time yesterday! So glad that we have lots to play with, but goodness staying home creates lots of messes!!! 

This little activity can entertain my kids for an hour!!! They love playing in the shower, and sometimes if I am lucky, the hot water makes them ready to cuddle up for a long winters nap! 

I finally just decided to set up shop and enjoy a book and some coffee!!!

We had yummy food and even had friends over to share it with us! Always thankful for 4-wheel drive! :) 

Lots of hugs between these two the past couple of days! 

Lucy Jane has played and played with her baby dolls, brother, and cat! Love her imagination! She keeps us laughing!!!

Kaylor has loved playing with his buddy, Luke! I think Luke likes all the extra attention since we've all been at home so much! 

We've loved having Daddy home, too! Lucy Jane has loved all the playtime outside with him and he has enjoyed seeing how many messes I clean up in a day! (Okay, maybe I liked him seeing that) :) 

This boy loves to eat! His new favorite is honey nut Cheerios!!! We have all eaten way too much! Only fun to snack on junk food! 

Our sweet Elf, Elfie, has been faithful to remember us during this weather!!! 

Hoping to use Lucy Jane's new sled today when Rich gets home from work! So much fun, going a little stir crazy, but enjoying these times all "cooped up"! :)

Hope you all have enjoyed the winter wonderland!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Today was the PERFECT day! I have not left the house all day, and we have spent the majority of the day in our comfy pajamas! We were sad that Josh had to work this weekend, but we are so glad Haley and Baby Hoyt were able to be here with us! 

Nana and Bubba drove up this morning with Tee Tee and Hoyt! We had a kitchen full of food and ate until we were stuffed! 

Kaylor was sharing his ham with Bubba!

The afternoon was spent relaxing! We laid around and played with the kiddos! It was so nice to not be on the run! 

These boys sure love their Nana! It was so funny, when she would hold Kaylor, Hoyt would crawl right up there with them! He LOVED that plastic microphone!!! 

Lucy Jane, like her Momma, stayed grazing by the sweets table! She loved the turkey cake pops and licked the icing off most of the cupcakes!

Bubba's back sure makes a good pillow! She cuddled right up and fell asleep! I am not sure who snores louder between the two of them!

We made it back downstairs for more food later in the day! 

Kaylor showing off his food!

And again... Luke has convinced him to feed him! So funny!

Nana fed Hoyt some goodies! We sure miss this sweet boy! He mastered the stairs today! He was trying to sneak around and then he would climb all the way to the top super fast!

Tee Tee's lap is always full! She is loved! 

Bed head after long naps! 

Nana was helping Kaylor drink Hoyt's chocolate milk! He would have a fit if you took it away! Caught this of him holding Bubba's hand while nana helped him with his drink!

Baths and pajamas before they headed home! Love these sweet babies!

So thankful to have a family to spend the day with! We enjoyed every second! The expensive turkey outfits are still ironed sitting on the bed! Never worn! Makes ya think about what's really important! I Cherish times with my family! 

Ending this day cuddled up with this little princess! First year to not be Black Friday shopping, but I must say I'm pretty content. Right. Where. I. Am. 


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 8 months, Baby Boy!

Once again, I am shocked at how quickly time is going! You are 8 months old!!!! How is this? 

You are the happiest little guy! I absolutely love how much you love your sister! I think it's really funny when you steal her puppy!!! She gets so aggrivated...and you just giggle! 

You sit up, scoot backwards, and wiggle everywhere....no crawling yet and I'm kinda okay with that! Your favorite place is still in my arms, and I hope that never changes! 

You like to sit by me while I put on my makeup!

You love playing with Lucy Jane! 

You have been cutting some teeth! Sour gummy worms help with that! 

You are enjoying big boy foods now! Lucy Jane snuck you a few French fries! You loved them! 

Sweet babies playing while I was packing for our trip!

Your smile melts my heart every time!

You are such a big boy!!! You were all dressed up for your sisters ballet recital! 

My prayer for you is that you have a tender heart for others! I love how you always light up our home with your smile and bring so much happiness into our hearts! You are a special little boy! You are loved!