Tuesday, January 31, 2012

While Daddy is Away...the Girls will Play!

Rich was able to go on a little guy vacation and watch the Winter X Games!  Sooo jealous! :)  He had such a great time skiing and relaxing in the beautiful snow!  BUT....while he was gone Lucy Jane and I took a little trip to OKC to visit Josh and Tee Tee! We had such a good time of relaxing and playing! 

My cute little ski bunny....and the amazing view! 

The first night we were at Haley's we went to eat at this little restaurant called, "Del Rancho".  It was so yummy and they had a little red phone in the booth that you used to order your meal!  Lucy Jane loved playing on the phone and saying Hello and bye bye!  She loves to talk on the phone...not sure where she gets that one! haha haley had gotten Lucy Jane a cute little bubble outfit in her Valentine's surprise so she dressed her and played with her hair!  I love that these two girls love each other so much! 

After we ate we took a trip to Petco!  Always fun with Lucy Jane.....being that she is OBSESSED with animals!  UNLIKE her mother! ughhh I do think it is super sweet how she loves them all...but she better not ever ask for them to come home with us! :) 

We took a trip to the Express Ranch!  Last time we went Lucy Jane slept throught the entire thing! 

This time she was wide awake and much more in love with animals than she was last time!  Gayla and Paisley went with us! We had such a great time hanging out with them! 

We had such a great trip!  After driving back home we were met by Nana and Bubba who took us to eat at Cracker Barrel!  Yum!  Daddy is back home and we are all happy!  Great trips for everyone!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rainy Day Fun- The Girls!

We had such a fun Rainy day at home on Wednesday!  Annalyse (Lucy Jane's cousin) came over to play while her Momma went and got her hair done! They two girls are gonna be the best of friends! They played so great together! 

They jumped in the bed which is always fun!

They played babies....and occasionaly said the word, "mine"!

They made lots of great music!

They spent lots of time coloring!

Lucy Jane showed Annalyse all of the perfect hiding places!

They loved riding the 4-wheeler inside! 

They took turns going potty! Of course, Lucy Jane has to completely strip!

These girls had the best time! Who says a rainy day is a bad day?!  I sure love these kind of days at home with my sweet girl!  I hope Annalyse and Lucy Jane are more than just cousins, but life long friends!  Glad I could capture a few pictures to embarrass them with later on when they are older!                      

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Little Bit of Life

We have had such a fun past couple of days!  I tried to take pictures, but didn't capture everything!  :) 

One of my favorite things is spending the day at HOME with Lucy Jane! I love to play and she is really starting to communicate and becoming super fun!  We play with babies, Luke of course, and her favorite is being outside.  We had a couple really pretty days, so I took her out to play!  She is such a sweet girl and makes me smile! 

Her Uncle Josh sent her and Luke their very own nametags for 'work'!  She loved wearing his while she visited a few weeks ago! 

Rich's mom was in town for the day running around with a friend and asked us to meet them for lunch!  We had lounged around all morning and were needing to run a few errands, so luckily we were already dressed!  We ate at Mojito's.....yummy! 

Lucy Jane had a little mullet action going on with her hair, so I decided to take her for a little trim!  There is a neat little place right beside where we had lunch, so we walked over and luckily they had an opening!  I just BARELY wanted her hair trimmed so she didn't look so silly!  She has been letting me play with her a lot lately, so I thought she would act okay for the haircut! 

Thursday night, our old Sunday School class was having a girls night!  Last minute, I decided to go down and hang out with the girls!  I miss seeing all of them and it is always great to catch up!  I thought Nana and Bubba would probably enjoy a random night with Lucy Jane, so we drove on down!  They played hard while I was away and then we headed back up the hill!  We had such a great time visiting!  Lucy Jane played basketball with Bubba and learned how to make hamburgers!  She spent most of her time washing her hands, because that is what she LOVES to do! haha

Friday night we went with some friends of ours to Chil-fil-a!  The kids played (for the most part) and we were able to visit!  They have a 3 month old baby, so Lucy Jane was very occupied with her!  She loves all things baby! haha She wants to rock, hold, kiss, and give them their passy!  She is a little momma!    I didn't get any pictures :(

Saturday night we drove down to hang out with our friends Brandon and Ashley!  We love hanging out with them and miss them terribly!  I wish we could talk them into moving up here!!! (hint hint) It's was low key just the way we like it!  They ordered pizza and Ashley made desserts and I brought cheese dip and chips!  Kinley is so sweet with Lucy Jane...and patient! :)  The kiddos played and we visited! Such a great night! 

Here are a few random pics from the past few days!  Love my little Monkey! 

Today has been a very relaxing day!  We spent the morning at church and then napped this afternoon!  We all just laid in the bed and watched football!  Lucy Jane is getting to where she will actually stay in one place a tiny bit longer! haha :)  Love being a Momma! 

Heard this quote at church this morning.... "You teach what you know, but you reproduce who you are."  Our kids are watching us and everything we do and say!  I hope that I live what I try to teach her, because it doesn't matter how much I preach to her if I am not practicing it! I want to be a Godly woman that sets the example for daughter to follow. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lucy Jane's Vacation!

Tuesday morning, Rich and I got up and got the car loaded with all of Lucy Jane and Luke's things to spend the week with Josh and Tee Tee!  Of course, this would be the morning I had to wake her up at 9:30 so that we could leave!  We had a 3 hour drive to OKC, and I knew we had to make a Sonic stop before we could get out of town! Lucy Jane starts saying "chicken" when she sees Sonic! haha  She got french toast and milk and I had a Diet Dr. Pepper! Lucy Jane, all her baby dolls, and Luke were now ready to go!   

We got to OKC and had a quick lunch and I was back on the road!  I drove straight back home so that Rich and I could leave for our trip!  Haley said Lucy Jane started calling her, "Momma" as soon as I left!  So glad to know that she was missing me! haha 

The first picture is of Lucy Jane eating dinner the first night!  Notice Luke isn't too far behind!  Haley took Lucy Jane to play with Paisley at Chic fil a!  Lucy Jane loves to climb up to the top and slide down by herself!  Such a big girl! 

I think Lucy Jane had a great time with Josh and Haley!  She loves spending time with them! 

Breakfast in the bathtub?!  Sure, why not!!!

Wearing Josh's nametag!  He ordered her and Luke both one with their names on it! What a great Uncle!

She loves her Tee Tee!

Haley wasn't feeling well and so there was a change in plans on Thursday.  Rich's mom and dad were kind enough to drive to OKC and pick up Lucy Jane!  They drove back with Lucy Jane, all her babies, Luke, and Banner their dog.  Can you even imagine!!!  Lucy Jane is obsessed with dogs, so I am sure it made the ride entertaining! 

Lucy Jane spent Thursday night and Friday night with Mamaw and Papa.  Everytime I called to check on her she was busy as can be and I could hear her laughing!  Between having 2 dogs and 1 cat, Lucy Jane was in heaven! 

My mom picked up Lucy Jane Saturday morning!  I am so thankful for a family that all worked together to help us be able to have a few days together!  Lucy Jane loves spending time with Bubba and Nana!  Mom texted me a picture as soon as she got to her house! I was a little OCD with the checking on my baby!  She was having popcorn chicken from McDonalds, and she looked pretty content! 

They spent some time playing dress up that afternoon, too!  Lucy Jane loves to dress herself!  The funny thing is none of these clothes fit her anymore!  She didn't seem to mind!  Nana also painted her toenails hot pink!  Ooooo...pitty (pretty) as she says! 

I sure did miss my baby girl while I was gone!  We have had such a great Monday being back together!  I will post pictures from today later!  Time for the Bachelor and bed! :)  Again, so thankful for family that was so willing to help out with Lucy Jane because they know how important "married time" is too!  Rich and I love you guys!