Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rainy Day Fun- The Girls!

We had such a fun Rainy day at home on Wednesday!  Annalyse (Lucy Jane's cousin) came over to play while her Momma went and got her hair done! They two girls are gonna be the best of friends! They played so great together! 

They jumped in the bed which is always fun!

They played babies....and occasionaly said the word, "mine"!

They made lots of great music!

They spent lots of time coloring!

Lucy Jane showed Annalyse all of the perfect hiding places!

They loved riding the 4-wheeler inside! 

They took turns going potty! Of course, Lucy Jane has to completely strip!

These girls had the best time! Who says a rainy day is a bad day?!  I sure love these kind of days at home with my sweet girl!  I hope Annalyse and Lucy Jane are more than just cousins, but life long friends!  Glad I could capture a few pictures to embarrass them with later on when they are older!                      

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