Tuesday, January 31, 2012

While Daddy is Away...the Girls will Play!

Rich was able to go on a little guy vacation and watch the Winter X Games!  Sooo jealous! :)  He had such a great time skiing and relaxing in the beautiful snow!  BUT....while he was gone Lucy Jane and I took a little trip to OKC to visit Josh and Tee Tee! We had such a good time of relaxing and playing! 

My cute little ski bunny....and the amazing view! 

The first night we were at Haley's we went to eat at this little restaurant called, "Del Rancho".  It was so yummy and they had a little red phone in the booth that you used to order your meal!  Lucy Jane loved playing on the phone and saying Hello and bye bye!  She loves to talk on the phone...not sure where she gets that one! haha haley had gotten Lucy Jane a cute little bubble outfit in her Valentine's surprise so she dressed her and played with her hair!  I love that these two girls love each other so much! 

After we ate we took a trip to Petco!  Always fun with Lucy Jane.....being that she is OBSESSED with animals!  UNLIKE her mother! ughhh I do think it is super sweet how she loves them all...but she better not ever ask for them to come home with us! :) 

We took a trip to the Express Ranch!  Last time we went Lucy Jane slept throught the entire thing! 

This time she was wide awake and much more in love with animals than she was last time!  Gayla and Paisley went with us! We had such a great time hanging out with them! 

We had such a great trip!  After driving back home we were met by Nana and Bubba who took us to eat at Cracker Barrel!  Yum!  Daddy is back home and we are all happy!  Great trips for everyone!

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