Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun day at the Zoo!

Today was a beautiful day! My sister, friend Gayla, and their kiddos drove up the hill to visit! We took the whole gang to the Gentry zoo! We loaded 3 adults and 4 carseats into my surburban and headed out! Of course, we had to stop for lunch in our way out of town! The girls, Lucy Jane and Paisley, are at such a fun age! They were so excited to be going to the zoo!

The boys slept in their carseats most of the drive there and the girls fought over toys and snacks! :) I think the adults enjoyed the animals more than the kids! It was fun seeing how close they could get to us before we chickened out and started rolling up the window! Okay, I think I am the Only one who kept rolling up my window! Those birds are scary looking!!

We came back to the house and played before they headed home! Such a fun day! Looking forward to summertime actives! The weather was so nice today!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Perfect Saturday with my family!

What a great rainy Saturday! Laundry was piled high...all clean but tons to fold! I didn't stay home and do it either! :) some things can wait, right?!

We had some storms last night, which meant Lucy Jane found her way to our bed! I decided to take Kaylor and go to her bed and leave her with Rich! I had no idea that would mean I would get to sleep until 9:30! Score!!!

We got up and around and met some friends at the Bentonville square! It was misting/sprinkling all morning! Lucy Jane insisted on wearing her princess dress and sandals...and we let her! :) learning to choose our battles! We are lunch and walked around the square until late in the afternoon! Such a fun time! We all came home and crashed for the better part of 3 hours! It was so nice!

Tonight we met up with some other friends and ate appetizers at Outback and then hung out at Fast Lanes! Lucy Jane is quite the little bowler! She loves meeting new friends and playing! It makes my heart happy to see her have so much fun! It is 11:30 and I am just now putting her to bed! Long, perfect day!

Now to fold all that laundry! :) church will come early in the morning! :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1 Month Old

Wow! Kaylor is already a month old! He has completely stolen our hearts! He is such a sweet baby that loves to be cuddled! I can't wait to see his little personality start to shine in the months to come! So glad I get to be his momma!

Sweet, sweet friends!

Lucy Jane is so lucky to have Wyatt as her neighbor and best buddy! These two play so great together and are pretty cute! I love listening to their little conversations! They go to school together on Monday's and love any time they get to play together during the week!

His momma is pretty sweet too! She has been my saving grace on many occasions! She is always putting everyone else before herself! So thankful for their friendships!!! Best neighbors ever!

You can check out candy's awesome blog at

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Fun!

Well our big girl is officially growing up! She had her first sleepover with her cousin Piper! She was so excited packing her very own bag! They played outside and got dirty! Lucy Jane had a ball, and I secretly enjoyed the break!

Saturday, my dad picked Lucy Jane up and my parents kept her for the night! She had a fun weekend of spoiling while I got some quiet time with Kaylor! (And a date with Daddy)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Sister

Well, bringing home baby Kaylor has sure been an adjustment! He is such a great baby and Lucy Jane is sure loving playing with her real love baby doll! She is so helpful, but doesn't think she needs my help doing anything for him!

She can change a diaper, dress him, find his pacifier, and her favorite is bouncing him when he cries. She makes me a nervous wreck, but I love seeing her be so motherly! (Most of the time)

I have the typical guilt that comes with taking away all the attention from only having one kid! I know it will pass and we will all survive! I am so thankful that she loves Kaylor so much! She has been so caring since the moment he was born! She told the nurse who was going to bath him at the hospital to use warm water...cold water would make him cry! Not sure where she gets all the stuff that comes out of her mouth but it sure cracks me up!

I try to snap pictures as much as I can of them! Trying to enjoy each moment with him this little, cuz I know how quickly it passes!

I pray they grow to love each other and have a super close relationship!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Family of Four

Our hearts are so full! We have welcomed a new member of our family! Baby Kaylor was born on March 15th, at 3:48 in the afternoon! His big sister is head over heels in love and so are Momma and Daddy!

So very thankful for two healthy gifts! This Arkansas weather has us cooped up at home, but we are enjoying every moment of snuggling, dressing up, making messes, and just loving on our new Baby boy!