Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Sister

Well, bringing home baby Kaylor has sure been an adjustment! He is such a great baby and Lucy Jane is sure loving playing with her real love baby doll! She is so helpful, but doesn't think she needs my help doing anything for him!

She can change a diaper, dress him, find his pacifier, and her favorite is bouncing him when he cries. She makes me a nervous wreck, but I love seeing her be so motherly! (Most of the time)

I have the typical guilt that comes with taking away all the attention from only having one kid! I know it will pass and we will all survive! I am so thankful that she loves Kaylor so much! She has been so caring since the moment he was born! She told the nurse who was going to bath him at the hospital to use warm water...cold water would make him cry! Not sure where she gets all the stuff that comes out of her mouth but it sure cracks me up!

I try to snap pictures as much as I can of them! Trying to enjoy each moment with him this little, cuz I know how quickly it passes!

I pray they grow to love each other and have a super close relationship!

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