Saturday, April 27, 2013

Perfect Saturday with my family!

What a great rainy Saturday! Laundry was piled high...all clean but tons to fold! I didn't stay home and do it either! :) some things can wait, right?!

We had some storms last night, which meant Lucy Jane found her way to our bed! I decided to take Kaylor and go to her bed and leave her with Rich! I had no idea that would mean I would get to sleep until 9:30! Score!!!

We got up and around and met some friends at the Bentonville square! It was misting/sprinkling all morning! Lucy Jane insisted on wearing her princess dress and sandals...and we let her! :) learning to choose our battles! We are lunch and walked around the square until late in the afternoon! Such a fun time! We all came home and crashed for the better part of 3 hours! It was so nice!

Tonight we met up with some other friends and ate appetizers at Outback and then hung out at Fast Lanes! Lucy Jane is quite the little bowler! She loves meeting new friends and playing! It makes my heart happy to see her have so much fun! It is 11:30 and I am just now putting her to bed! Long, perfect day!

Now to fold all that laundry! :) church will come early in the morning! :)

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