Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What a Day! Love my little girl!

We started gymnastics again today! Last time Lucy Jane was just a tad too young for the class;however, this time she did amazing! She was so excited to go to her "gymnastics show" as she calls it! We ft dressed in her leotard and leggings and had a big talk about following directions on the drive! 😃

We will definitely be going back! I really wanted to get her involved in an activity before Baby Kaylor makes his debut! I think this is one she will enjoy! My baby is getting so big!

A group of girls from our Mops group got together today and went to a local nursing home! We wanted to take some time out of our afternoon to just love on these sweet people! The kids colored with them, played play-doh, and sang songs! Lucy Jane instantly made a buddy with a sweet man named Elmo! At first, she looked at him funny and said "you're not Elmo" :) but I guess she got over it!!!

She wanted to sit in his lap, help him color, put stickers on him, and her favorite was trying to push him in his wheel chair! (Made me a little nervous)

I pray that she always has such a compassionate heart for others! Hoping that teaching her to love others from an early age will help her see the importance! Thankful for a group of ladies that also see the importance of putting others before yourselves!

By the end of the afternoon, I was popped! Feeling very pregnant today! So tired and achy! We didn't make it to awanas tonight...I found myself on the couch watching a Christmas movie with my Monkey. Hoping to have normal energy tomorrow!

The pictures might be out of order because I am doing this from my phone, but they are too sweet not to share!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

What a fun, fun weekend! We had Thanksgiving lunch with my family on Thursday! Haley had the stomach virus so she came late, but Baby Hoyt was there the whole time! We sure enjoy loving on that sweet baby! My papa was there, too! It was so nice eating and relaxing before heading out to Branson for the weekend!

After lunch, Rich, Lucy Jane, and I headed off to Branson to spend a couple nights! We stayed at Thousand Hills cabins. They are super cozy and close to the outlet mall! We attempted to do some Black Friday shopping, but settled for Mexican food and driving around! Friday morning we all woke up early and rich took Lucy Jane to Bass Pro to look around and I went back to sleep! (So nice) we spent the afternoon at the Tanger outlet and lunch at a little restaurant! Lucy Jane was so tired that she feel asleep in my arms walking into the restaurant. This has never happened! Rich and I enjoyed talking while she slept in the booth! He was super dad this weekend! It's so neat to see how much Lucy Jane loves him!

Silver Dollar City was a huge hit for Lucy Jane! She 'gets' Christmas this year! She was so excited!! She loved all the lights and seeing Santa! Makes this momma so happy to see her excitement!

We got home today and went to the square in Fayetteville tonight to look at the lights! She rode a pony all by herself and I rode the camel with her! She got to see a real reindeer and sit on Santa's lap again! She keeps saying she wants Santa to bring her a Minnie Mouse doll! She's never been into Minnie Mouse so it's fun to see her come up with what she wants him to bring her all by herself!

Our tree is up, mantle semi-decorated, and a few other decorations out! Looking forward to enjoying the holiday season teaching her about the true meaning of Christmas! Love my sweet family!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Kaylor! (Lucy Jane's little brother)

Wow! I am almost 23 weeks pregnant and still find myself shocked many days that our family is about to expand by one more! Lucy Jane is super excited about the baby in Mommy's (hilwey) tummy! She calls me hilwey most days! Haha hoping she grows out of this one! :)

Lucy Jane you are going to be the best big sister ever! You have had lots of practice with your new cousin baby Hoyt , and got to meet another brand new cousin , Gray, yesterday! You have always loved babies, but you are showing me everyday how much of a help you are going to be! You like to pretend you are a baby, too! Yesterday, you started crawling around the house and you really like chocolate milk or diet coke ha out of a bottle! I hope you don't feel like Baby Kaylor will take your place! You will always be my sweet baby girl!

Your favorite thing is to listen to the baby's heartbeat in the morning before we start our day, and you love to cuddle my belly at night when I rock you to sleep! I am super nervous about the changes coming, but know God gave you a compassionate, helpful, independent spirit for a reason! You will make an excellent Big Sister!!! I love you, Monkey!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a fun night! I have never been big in celebrating Halloween for many obvious reasons, but have come to the conclusion it is what you make it! If you make it a scary evil night then that is what it becomes. For my family, I want to have fun dressing up and going to visit neighbors and letting Lucy Jane enjoy getting candy! That is exactly what we did this year!

We are so lucky to live in a safe and fun neighborhood! I let Lucy Jane pick out her very own costume to wear to KIds Day Out at church. She picked a Minnie Mouse costume that she wanted to wear from target! On the way to school (before I could even get a decent picture) she tore the seam in her dress! Instead of spending money on another costume I decided to let her wear the same one she wore last year!

I dressed her up as a kitty cat and we got the wagon ready and headed down the street to meet up with our friends, the Johnson's. she was so excited to ride with Wyatt in the wagon and go door to door saying trick or treat and picking a piece of candy from their basket! She absolutely LOVES every second of it! :).

Our neighbors always set up a big to do in their yard for everyone to enjoy! This year they did a Disney extravaganza! It was wonderful!!! They had a carriage and all the Disney characters in full costume! Lucy Jane is all about some princesses, so she was in heaven! I hope to always create fun memories with my family! Tonight was definitely one of them! Her excitement was so contagious and made me giggly just watching her constant smile!