Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a fun night! I have never been big in celebrating Halloween for many obvious reasons, but have come to the conclusion it is what you make it! If you make it a scary evil night then that is what it becomes. For my family, I want to have fun dressing up and going to visit neighbors and letting Lucy Jane enjoy getting candy! That is exactly what we did this year!

We are so lucky to live in a safe and fun neighborhood! I let Lucy Jane pick out her very own costume to wear to KIds Day Out at church. She picked a Minnie Mouse costume that she wanted to wear from target! On the way to school (before I could even get a decent picture) she tore the seam in her dress! Instead of spending money on another costume I decided to let her wear the same one she wore last year!

I dressed her up as a kitty cat and we got the wagon ready and headed down the street to meet up with our friends, the Johnson's. she was so excited to ride with Wyatt in the wagon and go door to door saying trick or treat and picking a piece of candy from their basket! She absolutely LOVES every second of it! :).

Our neighbors always set up a big to do in their yard for everyone to enjoy! This year they did a Disney extravaganza! It was wonderful!!! They had a carriage and all the Disney characters in full costume! Lucy Jane is all about some princesses, so she was in heaven! I hope to always create fun memories with my family! Tonight was definitely one of them! Her excitement was so contagious and made me giggly just watching her constant smile!

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