Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just a Few Reasons I Love Her....

Lucy Jane has a very out-going personality!  She is VERY strong willed but almost always happy!  I have so much fun with her! :)  I am so thankful to have a baby that loves to smile, laugh, run and play, and bring a smile to others faces!  So thankful God picked me to be her Mommy! 

Meal time is always fun with Lucy Jane! :)  She insists on feeding herself...and this is usually what her highchair looks like before it is all done!

This little booger has figured out how to turn on and off the light switch going upstairs!

She is so smart already! Typing away on her keyboard!

And.....she can turn her fan on and off! ha

Sure do love that mischevious little smile she is giving!

Always on the run!  Such a fun little buddy! 

She comes down the stairs on her bobo....and insists that you do as well! yes, she is slightly bossy!

She can multi-task! Brushing her teeth...and playing with her toes!  ha

Ignore the snotty nose....but how could you not love this little girl! :)  Did I mention she is ALWAYS full of energy!?!?

Such a sweetie when she gets tired....puppy, thumb, and almost out!

Yay!!! She loves the Christmas trees just as much as I do! :)  I think I will have a decorating buddy in the future!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

So THANKFUL for Lucy Jane!

I have so many things to be thankful for and probably take most of it for granted.  Over the past few days, I have been reminded just how short life can be...and how precious EACH and every moment is that you get to spend with your loved ones.  I always get super sappy around the holidays....and yes...pretty much cry daily!  haha  I am sure most 'moms' get this....but I am completely overwhelmed with how much I love Lucy Jane.  I never dreamed that I would ever be capable of loving someone so much....but she has stolen my heart! 

Here are a few of my favorite things about her......
  • how she wakes up and says, Mommmmmaaaaa
  • how she gets the chocolate while I get the milk for her drink in the morning
  • the ways she helps me sweep up all her messes
  • her random hugs
  • the way she giggles and has such a fun little personality
  • when she grabs my hand and wants me to follow her to play
  • the way our faces both light up when we see each other after being away
  • how she wants to pretend to paint her toe nails while I'm getting ready in the bathroom
  • how she shakes her finger and tells me "stop" "don't" "no" (very bossy)!
  • her love for babies (always plays momma with the babies)
  • the way she follows and looks up to me like she counts on me
  • how she scoots down our stairs on her bobo...and tells me to "sit" with her
  • her sweet kisses (especially when they come out of the blue)
  • how she loves to sing songs and dance
I could go on and on about all the things that I love about my sweet baby girl!  She makes me want to be a better person each day!  I am so thankful for a happy, healthy, beautiful gift that God has trusted me to raise. 
Here are just a few pictures to show off, independent, determined, and sweet little personality!  Sure do love my little monkey!

What a Fun Weekend!

Friday was the beginning of a fun little weekend!  We are finally getting settled into our house and having time to go and do other things!  The NWA  Boutique Show started on Friday, and thanks to my friend Jessica, I had a free ticket! Woo Hoo.....She even offered to watch Lucy Jane while I went and shopped for a couple hours!  Now, it doesn't get better than that! :)  Lucy Jane took a great morning nap, and she was up, happy, and ready to play at Mrs. Jessica's!  Aubrey has a slide on her bunk bed and Lucy Jane had a great time getting into all her toys!  I'm afraid she made herself right at home! 

That evening was FNO at church.  The church provides free childcare for a few hours on Friday night if you were at Sunday School the previous Sunday!  What a great ministry to young families!  A few ladies and I hit up the NWA Boutique Show, I know I had to go back!  The guys dropped of the kiddos at church and then all met at Market Place and ate dinner while we shopped!  We went to Market Place afterwards and took their seats!  We had so much fun, AND I found Lucy Jane some really cute Christmas outfits!  Several really cute boutiques that I hadn't been introduced too!  (Probably not a good thing) :) 

Saturday morning, Lucy Jane and I headed out early to go to Fort Smith!  She woke up very happy and thankfully put on her pretty Christmas outfit without any fits!  Our first stop was Wendy White's photography studio.  She was doing a benefit for the Ronald McDonald Family Housing!  She takes great pictures and is so wonderful with the kids!  We met Jodi and Miss Cadence to chit chat and take pics of the girls!    Check out Wendy's website here:

I had a hair appointment at 11:45, so I rushed Lucy Jane down to my Aunt Darla's so "Pipey" as Lucy Jane calls her could babysit!  They have a new puppy, and I think Lucy Jane enjoyed playing with it a little too much!  At one point, she was drinking the dog water just like a puppy!  I so enjoyed my 2 hours of hair therapy and visiting with Kayla at Mr. John's. 

I picked Lucy Jane up and we went and visited Nana and Bubba before we headed back home!  I love how Lucy Jane starts saying, "Nana", "Bubba" as soon as we pull in the driveway!  Soo sweet!  She helped Nana decorate her Christmas tree! 

We had such a busy/fun weekend....and we are both ready for a great week!  Much to be thankful for this Holiday Season! (and child is half dressed in most of these pictures....hard to catch her with all her clothes on these days!) 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Little Buddy

Lucy Jane is becoming so independent!! She loves to dress and....unfortunately undress herself! The past two weeks I have been given this lovely update: Instead of napping at Kids Day Out...she takes off her clothes (and diaper) and throws it over the crib! Ughhh! What do you do? It's really not funny when it's your kid!!

She will do this at home and tell me she needs to 'poo poo', but the thought of her undressing at church is a little embarrassing! :) She loves to take a shower now...not a bath! And by herself preferably! When did she get so big?!

Love my sweet little girl!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unpacking and Decorating......

We are FINALLY in our new home.....the boxes are emptied and things are finally coming together!!!  We are STILL waiting on furniture in our main living room and it is looking a little empty...and some walls are still very naked!  (too afraid to commit to a nail hole until I am certain) :)  Needless to say, after a fresh coat of paint and adding our personal touches the house looks completely different!  We are LOVING our new home!  Unpacking and cleaning stinks......BUT decorating is so much fun! I lay in bed at night and decorate in my head instead of sleep and then play around with ideas all day!  :)  I should do a before/after blog...but it would take too much time!  Here are some pics of some of the rooms!  :) 

Here is our bedroom!  We love the super tall ceilings!

My princess Lucy Jane's room! 

This is in her playroom....this room is still a work in progress!

Guest bathroom/bedroom

Breakfast area in kitchen!
This is where we spend the majority of our time!  This is the living room upstairs!  Very laid back!  If you look closely you will see Rich on the couch! 

Quote above Lucy Jane's bed
        Another pic of Lucy Jane's bathroom...not sure how it got down here! haha
 My kitchen! 
Dining room

Guest bedroom

Our bathroom

Downstairs livingroom....picture taken on phone :(  Still waiting on furnture!

Hanging out in Lavaca!

Lucy Jane and I went to hang out with Nana, Auntie, and Josh last Friday night! They carved pumpkins and played with 2 tiny puppies! Lucy Jane loved the little puppies! She wanted to be inside the laundry basket with them as they slept and thought about taking a nap with them! Ha she is such a mess!!