Friday, May 31, 2013

Perfect Mother...said No One Ever!

There are days when I feel like I have the hang of things and am doing a pretty good job with these two littles of mine! Then there are other days....much more often....when I feel like a complete failure of a mother. 

Days when I feel like I could throw a tantrum right along with my darling three year old.

Days when I can't keep my eyes open at the end of the day...only knowing I will be up to nurse a baby in 3 more hours.

Days when I've lost my cool...and taken it out on the ones I love the most.

Days when I know my kid hasn't had a healthy meal...and quite possibly didn't even eat breakfast. 

Days when I feel so guilty for not cuddling baby Kaylor near as much as I did Lucy Jane when she was his age.

Days when I want just ONE moment all by myself...even if it means grocery shopping at midnight!

Thankfully, his mercies are new every morning.

Thankfully, my children love me even though I'm not perfect! 

I sure love being a mom;however, I don't think it is fair for us moms to be so hard on ourselves. Cut yourself a break and know that even if you haven't showered, cooked a meal, or cleaned house all can wait until tomorrow! Don't let anyone tell you loving on your babies isn't the most important thing. EVER. 

Some days my to do list doesn't get done. And sometimes my shopping cart gets left in the aisle while I leave the store! Maybe it even happened today, oops! 

We are all in one piece. We are all healthy. We have each other. Others aren't so fortunate. 

Playing, laughing, and cuddling my babies today. We aren't promised tomorrow! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Fun

What a fun relaxing day! Rich had been asked to play in a golf tournament with some friends, so the kids and I headed to my parents for the day! I am pretty sure Rich had a blast! He would play golf everyday if he knew it wouldn't put him in the doghouse! 

He does look pretty cute out there! I've converted him to wearing bright colored clothes!!! 

We enjoyed the day playing outside, swimming, eating way too much, and cooking out at Darla and Wayne's! 

Mom had lunch ready when we got there! So yummy! 

Lucy Jane loves her Hoyt baby! :) 

Lucy 'Wayne' loves her Uncle Wayne! 

Mimi and Eddie sat out in the heat just to visit!

The kids favorite spot is in Bubba's neck!

Sweet boys!!!! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Big Building...Big Dreams

Today, we are the official new owners of a new building for Richardson Roofing! We have been renting an office space for the past 2.5 years and the doors opened for us to be able to purchase a bank owned property in a fantastic location! 

These are the Before pictures! We will be completely changing the look over the next few weeks! 

This is the front facing 71 Business.

This is the side facing Wagon Wheel!

This location will provide lots and lots of visibility daily! Rich is a huge dreamer! He is so excited about growing this business! It started with a dream and he has worked very hard. There have been many obstacles along the way, but I am so proud of him.  The work-a-holic in him gets annoying at times 😊but I love that he is passionate about what he does for a living! 

I brought this to the office today to celebrate! Hoping there is some leftover! :) proud of Rich. For who he is and for who he is working hard to become, 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2 months old Baby Boy

Sweet, sweet baby Kaylor! You have melted your momma's heart over the past 2 months. I can not believe that you are already this big! You are so laid back and LOVE to be cuddled! You are so easy going and make me smile all day long! You love your big Sister, and let me tell you that you have the best big sister EVER! She adores you! 

From the moment we brought you home from the hospital, you have absolutely made our home so happy! 

Your sister was so excited to finally have you out of my belly and in her arms! 

She was so caring and concerned about you! She told the nurse to make sure and give you a bath using warm water, because cold water would make you cry. She sure didn't want you upset! I pray that you two will always be close and love each other so much! Every morning she crawls in my bed and it is like the first time she saw you all over again! She loves to change your diaper, clothes, and hold you while I shower! You sure are a lucky little boy!

She loves to read you stories and even make up some of her own!

You love to smile at your Mommy! I secretly think I'm your favorite! 

I am so thankful for you and the happiness you bring to all of us! We sure love you Baby Boy! So blessed to be your mommy!

Happy 2 Months Baby Kaylor 😍

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunny Day with Bubba!

Today, my dad came up to see Lucy Jane since she was sick the day of her birthday party! We love it when he comes to spend a few hours with us! Lucy Jane had just gotten a new Barbie car, and was excited to show Bubba how she can drive! 

We are lunch then went outside to play! One thing Lucy Jane loves to do with my Dad is feed the birds! She loves throwing bread or leftovers outside for the birds! My dad got her her very own bird feeder for our house! She loved putting it together and filling it with bird seed! 

She also loves to ride on Bubba's neck! He gives her rides everywhere carrying her her favorite way! 

The two of them went and played on her "pirate ship" ha blowing bubbles, swinging, and sliding! 


I tried to tan my legs while they played...

And Kaylor relaxed in the shade :)

What a fun day! Lucy Jane said she was ready for a nap (which is rare) and wanted my dad to lay down with her! He got her to sleep! When she woke up she was very upset that he wasn't here anymore! Such a fun day making memories! 

One funny: I heard Lucy Jane say, Do you want me to push you down the slide? Say, "yes ma'am!"
Bossy little thing! Not sure where she gets it! :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day...lesson learned

This is my 3rd Mother's Day...but my first as a mom to two littles! I am still in shock that I have two kids! The hardest, yet most rewarding job in the whole world! I have to constantly remind myself to stop and enjoy the day to day grind because it will be over too soon. The cuddles, kisses, and even the tantrums will someday be missed! I am not a perfect mother, and many days I feel like I screw up so badly...but I am learning to not be so hard on myself and just make sure my kids know they are loved! Not only by me and their father...but by our Lord. I want to teach them about his love for them and show them how to live. 

Lucy Jane woke up with the stomach virus yesterday. It was supposed to be her 3rd birthday party, and we had to cancel. I was so disappointed. Oh we'll, we will be eating a 2 tier Minnie Mouse cake for a week now! 

We were supposed to have baby dedication for Baby Kaylor this morning. Since Lucy Jane couldn't go to the nursery (because she was sick yesterday) we decided to just postpone his dedication until the next time and just rest. I wanted pictures of my babies and the weather was wonderful so we went and had breakfast and took pictures at the golf course. There is so much natural Beaty out there! Lucy Jane putted around with her Daddy and we all rode around on the golf course before heading home for naps. 

Like father like daughter! 

My heart is so full today! 

She loves him...and loves for them to 'match'!!! Lucky me! :)

My two passengers for a minute! Lucy Jane had rather ride with her Daddy cuz he lets her drive! 

Such a perfect day! I had all kinds of plans for this busy weekend...everyone of them fell through. I am reminded that sometimes we just need to be still! Today, I enjoyed my babies. 

First plane ride as a Family of Four

Our friend, Ted, lives in Minnesota and got married last weekend! Rich was asked to be a groomsman, so the four of us made a weekend vacation out of it! So thankful for kids who are great travelers and don't require a strict routine! We had late nights and early mornings and stayed on the go in between! We had such a good time! 

We spent two afternoons/late nights at the Mall of America! Shopped until we dropped and rode ride with Lucy Jane at the amusement park! She was sooo good even though we knew she was so tired! She never meets a stranger! :) love her little personality! Kaylor was just along for the ride! He is SUCH a good baby! 
It was his first time to fly! We had the kids picture made with the pilots! Lucy Jane thought that was so cool! She loved the snacks and drink on the plane too! 

She had so much fun playing with Ted's little girl and nephew at the wedding! We took a ton of pictures, but I will try to only share a few! 

Her friend John was on our flight! His family was going to sunny Hawaii! (A little jealous) 

Helping out with Brother while we were shopping! World's BEST big sister right here!

No naps during the day so she just fell asleep whenever she could!!

Lots of coffee for mom and Dad! :)

She wanted golf clubs just like Daddy! It won't be long and I'm sure she will have her own set!

Lots of fun rides!!! She rode several twice! 

3 hotels in 3 nights! She had lots of time riding like this! Good thing her daddy has big muscles!!!

We pulled over on the side of the road for this picture! So cool!

Her reward for being good during our lATE supper!!! Wild child! 

Love all the color! She didn't even want me on the ride with her. She can do it "all by herself" ya know! 

She said this was her other daddy!!! Had her real daddy a little confused! 

Loved the aquarium! :)

Ted and Hilary! Congrats to you both!