Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunny Day with Bubba!

Today, my dad came up to see Lucy Jane since she was sick the day of her birthday party! We love it when he comes to spend a few hours with us! Lucy Jane had just gotten a new Barbie car, and was excited to show Bubba how she can drive! 

We are lunch then went outside to play! One thing Lucy Jane loves to do with my Dad is feed the birds! She loves throwing bread or leftovers outside for the birds! My dad got her her very own bird feeder for our house! She loved putting it together and filling it with bird seed! 

She also loves to ride on Bubba's neck! He gives her rides everywhere carrying her her favorite way! 

The two of them went and played on her "pirate ship" ha blowing bubbles, swinging, and sliding! 


I tried to tan my legs while they played...

And Kaylor relaxed in the shade :)

What a fun day! Lucy Jane said she was ready for a nap (which is rare) and wanted my dad to lay down with her! He got her to sleep! When she woke up she was very upset that he wasn't here anymore! Such a fun day making memories! 

One funny: I heard Lucy Jane say, Do you want me to push you down the slide? Say, "yes ma'am!"
Bossy little thing! Not sure where she gets it! :)

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