Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day...lesson learned

This is my 3rd Mother's Day...but my first as a mom to two littles! I am still in shock that I have two kids! The hardest, yet most rewarding job in the whole world! I have to constantly remind myself to stop and enjoy the day to day grind because it will be over too soon. The cuddles, kisses, and even the tantrums will someday be missed! I am not a perfect mother, and many days I feel like I screw up so badly...but I am learning to not be so hard on myself and just make sure my kids know they are loved! Not only by me and their father...but by our Lord. I want to teach them about his love for them and show them how to live. 

Lucy Jane woke up with the stomach virus yesterday. It was supposed to be her 3rd birthday party, and we had to cancel. I was so disappointed. Oh we'll, we will be eating a 2 tier Minnie Mouse cake for a week now! 

We were supposed to have baby dedication for Baby Kaylor this morning. Since Lucy Jane couldn't go to the nursery (because she was sick yesterday) we decided to just postpone his dedication until the next time and just rest. I wanted pictures of my babies and the weather was wonderful so we went and had breakfast and took pictures at the golf course. There is so much natural Beaty out there! Lucy Jane putted around with her Daddy and we all rode around on the golf course before heading home for naps. 

Like father like daughter! 

My heart is so full today! 

She loves him...and loves for them to 'match'!!! Lucky me! :)

My two passengers for a minute! Lucy Jane had rather ride with her Daddy cuz he lets her drive! 

Such a perfect day! I had all kinds of plans for this busy weekend...everyone of them fell through. I am reminded that sometimes we just need to be still! Today, I enjoyed my babies. 

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