Monday, January 24, 2011

No More Avacodos!

Ok moms, you know how crazy the evenings can be once you get home from work! I had started laundry, was working on supper, and playing in the floor with Lucy Jane all at the same time! What a great multi-tasker I have become! So thankful for my a.d.d. :)

Rich had been out of town for work and was within 30 minutes of being home, and Lucy Jane was beginning to get a little cranky. I decided to go ahead and give her a bath which by the way in her favorite time of the night it seems. She loves to play with all her toys and splash in the water. She takes a bath just sitting in our bath tub. She doesn't like being in any kind of "baby bath tub" haha! We were practicing taking her bath toys out of their bag and putting them back up.....silly me boring her with trying to 'clean up' at 8 months old.

I notice a funny smile on her face! My precious little girly girl had pooped in the bath tub.....I couldn't believe it! I still can't believe she did that! I pulled her out of the tub so quickly, got her all clean, and put a new diaper on her! She was sitting in the floor playing while I thoroughly cleaned our tub! By the time I picked her up she had already made a mess in her clean diaper! I contribute this evening to her love for avacodos!

I wish someone else would have been here to laugh with me! Definetely a first for me!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More than I Ever Imagined!

I did not do a very good job at keeping up the last time I tried the blogging thing! Here we go again! Round 2!

Lucy Jane is now 8 months old! She is the happiest baby! I was not prepared for the amount of overwhelming, unconditional love that would take over me for her immediately! She is the most amazing gift that God could have ever trusted me with. There are days that I still question, "Am I really a Mommy?" Wow! That is a huge job! I still love teaching and all the rewards that it brings but I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the job of being Lucy Jane's mom!

It is so fun to watch her get into EVERYTHING! Thursday we were let out of school at noon due to bad weather. I was able to spend a half day at home with her that I normally don't get! We spent the afternoon playing inside (waaaaay to cold for us outside) and I took a few pictures!