Monday, March 31, 2014

Just a little Saturday Shopping!

Saturday, Rich decided he needed to work in the yard. What I thought was going to be a couple hour project was going to turn into an all day event, so I decided to take little man and go run around! 

Lucy Jane wanted to stay and play outside! She happily leaves me these days to play with her Daddy, so Kaylor and I got out of the house! 

This is what they were doing when I was pulling out of the driveway! He was getting her bike all fixed up! She loves to ride around the neighborhood, in our drive-way, and in our house! (Ugh)  when I left her she was dressed properly in play clothes and tennis shoes! When I came home, her new pretty dress and silver sandals were laying in the driveway! The girl changes clothes 100x's a day! We had a big talk (again) about play clothes and NOT play clothes. 

I might be slightly obsessed with my new Ergo baby carrier! 

My only regret is waiting so long to purchase it! This thing is so comfy for baby and momma! If you have a baby like mine, that spends 90% of his day on your hip it is sooo worth the money! 

We took some clothes to a resale store in town first to drop off! Kaylor just chilled while we waited on them to go through my box! 

We headed up to Rogers to go to a couple stores. He was MOSTLY a great shopping buddy! 

We lost two pacifiers somehow in the shuffle in and out of the car! I found this one under Lucy Jane's seat!!! It worked! 

I even let him ride in the back of the buggy on the way out to the car!  He kinda liked it! 

It was fun spending the afternoon just the two of us! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

3 Moms, 4 Kids, and A Lot of Fish!

We planned a fun day in Tulsa for Thursday!!! I asked my friend Mollie and her little girl Caroline to ride over to Tulsa with me and the kids to see Haley and Hoyt! 
A couple weeks ago, I was driving home from Haley's house in OKC (right before they moved) and somehow got lost!!!! Not sure what happened, but the 3.5 hour trip took me and the kids almost 7 and a speeding ticket! Lucy Jane still reminds me almost daily about my encounter with the police, and that I cried, AND that he said I should drive safely with my children. Guess he thought 20 over was a big deal! Whoops! 

Soooo, mollie is my personal GPS, she helped me get home that night! She also used to live in Tulsa and knows the fun spots!! 

Lucy Jane had just gotten a new maxi dress and was so excited to wear it to see her Tee Tee! We found her asleep on the stairs in her dress the night before!!

We went to Haley's new house first, and then all loaded up for the aquarium. The wind was out of control!!! Maybe I'm a party pooper, but I was not impressed with the aquarium. Maybe it's that I'm not an animal person, who knows?! A fish is a fish. You've seen one you've seen them all!

Mollie and Caroline feeding the fish! 

We had lunh at Los Cabos! It was good! Rich doesn't like to eat Mexican food, so anytime I'm eating out without him it's either chic-fil-a or Mexican! Ha

Silly cousins! 

There were a few fun stores we wanted to hit before coming home, and since the kids were being troopers we went for it! Such a fun day, but we were all pooped by bedtime!  

So glad Haley lives so much closer now!!! I am already ready to go back! 

Teeth, Toes, and Ice Cream

This week was spring break! It's a big deal for lots of people, but since Lucy Jane only goes to school two days a week I don't think she even realized anything was different!! I wanted to do something fun during the week though! 

On Wednesday, she had a dentist appointment! She had been waking up in the night terrified about going to the dentist. I don't ever remember having a fear of the dentist, so this is all new to me!  Rich and I just reassured her that it would be fine, they would just brush her teeth, and we would leave! (Then I threw in...and we will go get a pedicure!) ;) 

About to lay on the table, and she's all smiles so far!!!! 

They put Frozen on for her to watch and it seemed to make her more relaxed! 
She did great!!! Now let's mark that off the list and hit the nail shop!!! But first, let's take a picture with this goofy animal?!?! 

We went and got our toes painted!!! 

She picked out her own color, purple with glitter over it of course! 

She was so proud and I could tell she felt so big!!!

Then it was my turn! (Ignore the fact that there is no circulation in my feet because my "skinny jeans" on my not skinny calves are cutting off all blood flow!) 

They were busy, so they did a little switcharoo and the sweet girl had to go do a manicure and I got sweet boy to do my toes. Sweet boy with long, painted, acrylic nails. My outspoken, precious, VERY curious, (not sure where she gets that) daughter is sitting in my lap. I was just holding my breath wondering when she would say something. It took about 10 seconds. "Mommy, why does HEEEE have his nails painted? Doesn't he know God made only girls for painting nails?" My face turned 10 shades of red and I just said, "well he likes nails, that is what he does for work." She was so confused. He didn't seem very offended. Love the honesty that comes from the mouths of babes! 

We went for ice cream next...I needed it after that! :) 

Such a fun afternoon with my little big girl! She's growing up so fast! I got a glimpse of just how much fun we are going to have together! 

Happy First Birthday, Kaylor Joe!

Ya'll, my little 6 pound 8 ounce baby boy just turned a year old.  I have had a hard time sitting down to complete this post!  We forgot our good camera at the office and all the pictures on our phone STINK. Our video camera was not touched. Not one time. During his FIRST BIRTHDAY. I am mom of the year!  I was more concerned with the fact that he wouldn't nap, watching for the mail man to grab his (cute cute) shirt, and getting all the food out on the table, that I never even thought about using our video camera to capture his big day.  ughhhhh

The day was great!  He is a special little boy, that has had this Momma's heart since the moment my eyes saw him.  He is loved so so much by the best big sister in the whole world!  She wanted his day to be perfect! She woke him up singing to him, and spent the whole day showing him how to use his toys, and reminding him that he is ONE year old now! haha

His cake was precious!  A sweet lady, Mrs. Robinson, made this cake for him.  Obviously the theme was, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."  She did such a good job at recreating the pinterest copied  picture that I sent her. :)
The lovely, Holly Thomas, made his cookies.  She is an AMAZING artist!  She even wrote the story out on some of the cookies and had his name written over them.  That is a momma's touch!  Ya'll need to follow her in instagram to see all the neat stuff she does!  @thedoughmestichousewife  I may have hidden one in the pantry to look at every now and then! :) 

Here is a cute video of him eating a cookie!!!
Our sweet friend, Angel, made Kaylor and Lucy Jane shirts for his party day! :)  She was worried sick that they weren't going to be here in time....but guess what!!!!! 12:50 they were delivered in the mailbox!!!!! Party started at 1:00!  Perfect timing! Ya'll follow her on instagram @themustardseed  She makes the cutest monogrammed stuff, too!

I made him a little birthday banner with pictures from birth-a year on a caterpillar! 

He loved his cake!!! He was sooo sleepy because for some reason he decided he wasn't going to take a nap that morning! Honestly, that never happens so it was very odd.  He crashed soon after the sugar high! 

He got lots of fun toys, had sweet friends and family over, and spent the day being cuddled and loved on.  I couldn't have planned it to have gone any better.  I wish I would have taken more pictures....but guess that is just how it happened! 
My friend Mollie shares a birthday with Kaylor, and she came by to celebrate with him before having her own party!  How sweet of her!
Ashley and her crew drove up from Ft. Smith and spent the whole day!  I am not sure how to have a party without her. She always comes early and helps set up, helps clean up, and then stays late and we visit!  I sure do miss living close to her....and our kiddos eat it up every time they get to play together! 

We tried to get a family picture.....let me say it again....TRIED.

And we TRIED to keep him awake to open presents!  He was excited at first, and then, well and then it was nap time! :) 

My sweet Mimi holding him right before my sister took him upstairs for bed!  (and no I didn't get a single picture with my sister or my nephew, Hoyt. Ughhh again)

Just enjoying a little more cake!  And enjoying sitting with her Bubba!

The birthday boy is all smiles as usual!  He is such a happy boy so far, and for that I am so thankful!

It is obvious that I am definitely his favorite! :)  And I am just fine with that! 

God has an amazing plan for your life, Kaylor.  I pray that you will walk after God, keep his commandments, and obey his voice.  I pray you will serve the Lord and hold fast to him, because HE will never leave you nor forsake you.