Saturday, March 29, 2014

Teeth, Toes, and Ice Cream

This week was spring break! It's a big deal for lots of people, but since Lucy Jane only goes to school two days a week I don't think she even realized anything was different!! I wanted to do something fun during the week though! 

On Wednesday, she had a dentist appointment! She had been waking up in the night terrified about going to the dentist. I don't ever remember having a fear of the dentist, so this is all new to me!  Rich and I just reassured her that it would be fine, they would just brush her teeth, and we would leave! (Then I threw in...and we will go get a pedicure!) ;) 

About to lay on the table, and she's all smiles so far!!!! 

They put Frozen on for her to watch and it seemed to make her more relaxed! 
She did great!!! Now let's mark that off the list and hit the nail shop!!! But first, let's take a picture with this goofy animal?!?! 

We went and got our toes painted!!! 

She picked out her own color, purple with glitter over it of course! 

She was so proud and I could tell she felt so big!!!

Then it was my turn! (Ignore the fact that there is no circulation in my feet because my "skinny jeans" on my not skinny calves are cutting off all blood flow!) 

They were busy, so they did a little switcharoo and the sweet girl had to go do a manicure and I got sweet boy to do my toes. Sweet boy with long, painted, acrylic nails. My outspoken, precious, VERY curious, (not sure where she gets that) daughter is sitting in my lap. I was just holding my breath wondering when she would say something. It took about 10 seconds. "Mommy, why does HEEEE have his nails painted? Doesn't he know God made only girls for painting nails?" My face turned 10 shades of red and I just said, "well he likes nails, that is what he does for work." She was so confused. He didn't seem very offended. Love the honesty that comes from the mouths of babes! 

We went for ice cream next...I needed it after that! :) 

Such a fun afternoon with my little big girl! She's growing up so fast! I got a glimpse of just how much fun we are going to have together! 

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