Sunday, March 2, 2014

Picture update!

I am so behind, so I am just going to update several of my pictures off my phone!

Kaylor is 11 months old now! Crazy how he changes so much everyday, and Lucy Jane is looking more like a little girl instead of my baby. I can hardly stand it! 

I can't believe how big Lucy Jane looks in this picture. This picture was taken at Little Giggles in Bentonville on Friday. We met some friends to play, and Lucy Jane spent most of her time on the monkey bars. She said she would keep practicing until she gets it just right! 

And here she is...practicing!!! She only face planted once! Haha!

Kaylor loves this little car! I didn't think he was big enough to ride or play anywhere near a toy this big!!! (I'm in major denial at how quickly he's growing) 

These pictures were on my phone so they aren't the best quality, but he sure does like all the boy toys they had! Poor kid has been playing with little piddly toys and baby dolls his sister leaves laying around! It's time for me to hook him up with some boy stuff!!!

This was taken today as I was trying to get supper ready! He was just hanging on my leg the whole time saying, Momma! 

Then he cuddled up to his Daddy so I could finish! 

As I'm typing this, Lucy Jane comes in the living room from peacefully coloring in the kitchen...and says, "mommy, daddy, look what someone did to me?????" 

She have covered herself in the crayons!

Last night, we went to Fast Lanes and Lucy Jane cracks me up with her hand ALWAYS on her hip!!!

These two finally got to sit in the big buggy together at Wal-Mart! You'd have thought I had taken Lucy Jane to Disney world she was so excited! 

We've done lots of crafts on the cold days...

And sometimes she lets Kaylor in on the fun...

And sometimes she doesn't! :(

Kaylor got his first haircut! He had a little mullet going on so we had to take care of it! 

He was happy about the sucker! 

These sweet cousins took a drive through the gentry zoo...while Lucy Jane screamed in the back that the animals were going to eat them! 

She is all about going through the self check out! She wants to ring up all the items herself and pretend she's the "best checker ever!"

These babies have my heart!!! 

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