Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Visit to Papa's House

Today after school Lucy Jane and I decided to take a pit stop by my Papa's before heading home.  I am SO glad that we did!  My papa is a living miracle! :)   A few years ago my Papa had a heart attack and literally fell dead at work.  Thankfully, there were people close by who immediately began working on him and saved his life!  He was taken to the hospital and we were told to prepare for the worst.  This is never good news.  The Lord had another plan for my Papa!  3 years later he is still working and doing great!  So thankful.  I wish I could say that I started to spend much more time with him and took advantage of the second chance we had together; however, I tend to let my 'busy' life keep me from the things that are most important.

Today, mom said, "Why don't you stop by and see your Papa."  I decided that it would be the perfect time to take Lucy Jane over for a visit.  He hasn't seen her since she has started walking!  First thing he gave her a chocolate chip cookie!  She was being very clingy to her momma, but that definetely helped him get on her good side this afternoon!  He sat in the floor and showed her pictures of me when I was a little girl!  She kissed the picture of course!  It's these sweet little moments I never want to take for granted! 

I sooooo wish that my Nana was here to enjoy our little bundle of joy!  She would have cleaned her chocolate face right up!  I can just see my Nana with her wet wipes and lotion coming after Miss Priss making her smell wonderful!  She would love to dress her in fancy hair bows and go with me to take her shopping for an Easter dress!  I can never get the time back that I've lost, but I can promise to make a better start at remembering what is really important in life! 

"Thanks be to God, for his inexpressible gifts." 2 Corinthians 9:15

She was afraid he might try to take her cookie!

Yummy! I'm loving this cookie!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

St. Louis Spring Break

Lucy Jane and I took off to St. Louis with Darla, Piper, and Avery for a few day over Spring Break.  We went to see my Aunt Beth.  I was so nervous about Lucy Jane being strapped in her car seat for a 6 hour  road trip!  She did wonderful!  Piper was there to entertain her on the trip which was a lifesaver!  We were sad to leave Daddy, but had a great time! 

We got to Beth's house Sunday evening around 5:30.  Dinner was hot and ready for us when we got there!  Lucy Jane is a great eater, but on this trip she really did a great job! :)  Monday we went to the zoo and did a little shopping!  Beth kept the kids and dropped Darla and I off at the mall.  Don picked us up on his way home from work!  Tuesday we went to the park, butterfly garden, and more shopping!  Lucy Jane has all the clothes she needs for spring/summer!  I LOVE shopping for her! 

I didn't want to leave and come home because I knew I would be getting my wisdom teeth out the next day.  :(  The surgery went well and I had plenty of help with LJ while recovering.  I still look like a chipmunk, but I am enjoying the TLC that comes with not feeling great! 

Our little monkey has really started walking over the past couple weeks.  She is gaining much more confidence with each little step!  She just looks way too tiny to be walking everywhere!  Time is flying by way to fast for me! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally on the mend......

 We have spent the last week or so fighting off sickness.  I think I have worked one full week since Christmas break!  I am not complaining...I absolutely LOVE my time at home with  Lucy Jane.  I hate it when she doesn't feel well, but I love my cuddle time with her!  Here is a little update of the past week!

Last Saturday, my mom kept Lucy Jane so I could go shopping with my friend Tracey and Rich could go trout fishing with a friend.  We had such a great day just getting away.  Shopping, snacking, and pedicures!  Of course, Rich ended up meeting us for dinner before we got home and rode the rest of the way with us!  :)  He just had to be a part of girls day!  Free meal...Tracey and I didn't mind! 

Sunday we kept Lucy Jane home from church because she was still running fever.  I took her to the doctor on Monday and she had a double ear infection. :(  Poor baby....I really wish I could just fix it all for her so she never had to hurt.  I had quite an emotional evening on Monday.  I am just really struggling with feeling guilty for leaving my baby girl everyday.  I am SO SO BLESSED to have a wonderful sitter.  Lucy Jane LOVES her and the other babies there.  She would probably be super sad if I didn't send her to play, but as a mom I feel like it is my responsibility to take care of my baby.  I know God called me to teach, but did he mean for me to teach during the most important years of my children's lives?  I am still trying to figure that one out! 

We are wedding dress shopping for Haley Saturday!!! She has set up an appointment in Clarkesville and Fayetteville! I am so excited to see "the dress"!!!  I'm so excited for her!  Sunday after church we are leaving for St. Louis to spend a few days with my Aunt Beth at her house for Spring Break!  We will be back home on Thursday so I can get the good ol' wisdom teeth out! 

I am so amazed at how God blesses us!  I am so thankful for a happy healthy family!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Haley Jane's getting Married!

I am so excited for my sister and Josh!  Today he asked her if she would be his wife!!  Haley has always had super high standards and values!  That was not an exception in relationships either! I knew that when she found a guy worth keeping....he would be the one!  :)  Lucky Guy!

Tonight, Rich and I took them out to celebrate this huge day in their lives!  We went to eat at Landrey's and they were completely booked for the we decided to go to 21 West End.  It was a great meal!  I am sad that Haley will be moving to Oklahoma City when they get married in a few months, but I am super excited to see what blessings God has in store for those two!  Good luck Haley and Josh!!!

I only have one picture....because Rich accidently deleted the one of Haley and Josh!  (dork) 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun with Friends

I have not posted in forever because my computer has been in the shop!  I am so glad to have it back finally!  I am sure I missed sharing some funny moments but oh well!

Today, we enjoyed a fun play date at the park with some sweet friends!  I have felt cooped up in the house with all the cold weather and sick baby!  It was so nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful day!  Rich was able to take a break in his day and come join us!  That was such a nice bonus to the afternoon!  :)  He is our little I will share a few pictures that he captured!