Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finally on the mend......

 We have spent the last week or so fighting off sickness.  I think I have worked one full week since Christmas break!  I am not complaining...I absolutely LOVE my time at home with  Lucy Jane.  I hate it when she doesn't feel well, but I love my cuddle time with her!  Here is a little update of the past week!

Last Saturday, my mom kept Lucy Jane so I could go shopping with my friend Tracey and Rich could go trout fishing with a friend.  We had such a great day just getting away.  Shopping, snacking, and pedicures!  Of course, Rich ended up meeting us for dinner before we got home and rode the rest of the way with us!  :)  He just had to be a part of girls day!  Free meal...Tracey and I didn't mind! 

Sunday we kept Lucy Jane home from church because she was still running fever.  I took her to the doctor on Monday and she had a double ear infection. :(  Poor baby....I really wish I could just fix it all for her so she never had to hurt.  I had quite an emotional evening on Monday.  I am just really struggling with feeling guilty for leaving my baby girl everyday.  I am SO SO BLESSED to have a wonderful sitter.  Lucy Jane LOVES her and the other babies there.  She would probably be super sad if I didn't send her to play, but as a mom I feel like it is my responsibility to take care of my baby.  I know God called me to teach, but did he mean for me to teach during the most important years of my children's lives?  I am still trying to figure that one out! 

We are wedding dress shopping for Haley Saturday!!! She has set up an appointment in Clarkesville and Fayetteville! I am so excited to see "the dress"!!!  I'm so excited for her!  Sunday after church we are leaving for St. Louis to spend a few days with my Aunt Beth at her house for Spring Break!  We will be back home on Thursday so I can get the good ol' wisdom teeth out! 

I am so amazed at how God blesses us!  I am so thankful for a happy healthy family!

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  1. Glad LJ is feeling better!
    Praying about your job situation I know how hard that is!