Saturday, March 26, 2011

St. Louis Spring Break

Lucy Jane and I took off to St. Louis with Darla, Piper, and Avery for a few day over Spring Break.  We went to see my Aunt Beth.  I was so nervous about Lucy Jane being strapped in her car seat for a 6 hour  road trip!  She did wonderful!  Piper was there to entertain her on the trip which was a lifesaver!  We were sad to leave Daddy, but had a great time! 

We got to Beth's house Sunday evening around 5:30.  Dinner was hot and ready for us when we got there!  Lucy Jane is a great eater, but on this trip she really did a great job! :)  Monday we went to the zoo and did a little shopping!  Beth kept the kids and dropped Darla and I off at the mall.  Don picked us up on his way home from work!  Tuesday we went to the park, butterfly garden, and more shopping!  Lucy Jane has all the clothes she needs for spring/summer!  I LOVE shopping for her! 

I didn't want to leave and come home because I knew I would be getting my wisdom teeth out the next day.  :(  The surgery went well and I had plenty of help with LJ while recovering.  I still look like a chipmunk, but I am enjoying the TLC that comes with not feeling great! 

Our little monkey has really started walking over the past couple weeks.  She is gaining much more confidence with each little step!  She just looks way too tiny to be walking everywhere!  Time is flying by way to fast for me! 

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  1. Hey there! Just wanted to stop by & say hello!!! Love the pictures, looks like a fun get away! =-)