Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our friend, Monkey!

I have learned that modeling is one of the best ways to teach a child! haha Well, we have a stuffed animal (which I swore I would not allow in my house) that has come to the rescue!  Monkey is almost as big as Lucy Jane, and Rich brought it home from a roofing convention!  Monkey wears a diaper because we went through a stage where we had to change Monkey's diaper to get Lucy Jane to let us change her diaper!  Monkey does a lot of things first....and then Lucy Jane gladly follows!  Monkey enjoys many meals with Lucy Jane these days!  She will feed the Monkey a bite and then take a bite herself!  It is hilarious!  :)  I caught a few pictures of her feeding Monkey the other day.....they are kinda blurry because they were with my phone!  I will try to be more prepared with my camera next time! 

I found a cute onesie at T.J. Maxx for $3.99 that said, "I love My Auntie"  Lucy Jane calls my sister Auntie.....and I wanted her to have the onesie.  She hasn't worn a onesie since she was only a few months old so it was quite comical as I put it onto her!  Here is a picture of her wearing it around the house.  

She is really into this dressing herself stage.....isn't this a little early???? It cracks me up!  I went into the bathroom a few minutes later and she was playing with my make-up and she had attempted to put her dress on over the onesie! 
Such a mess!  

You can see Monkey laying in the background! haha

I'm loving my days at home with my little sweetie!  

Lucy Jane's 1st little Trim!

I don't even want to call this Lucy Jane's 1st hair I'm sticking with 'trim'.  This little monkey is growing up way too quickly and I don't think I am ready for her first hair cut just yet!   She was starting to have a little bit of a mullet going on so I decided to have Kayla, my hair lady, give her a tiny trim to eliminate the mullet!  Lucy Jane did such a good job.  She sat still while she was eating her sucker and let Kayla trim her little hairs!  Such a big girl!  :) 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Uncle Josh and Auntie

A couple weekends ago we took a trip to see Uncle Josh and Auntie!  Dad, Haley, and I went to a ball game on Friday night.  It was nice to have a night out with the two of them! 

Saturday morning, Lucy Jane played outside in her pajamas with Uncle Josh before it got too hot!  She helped him water their yard!  I think she had a little fun!

We ran around that afternoon, but came back in time for a short nap and more time outside to play!  Lucy Jane loved playing outside in the water! 

On Sunday, we went to see some pretty horses at Express Ranch.  Lucy Jane would have loved the horses but she slept through the whole thing! 

We are planning our next trip already!  This time is for Fall shopping!  :)

Random Moments With Lucy Jane!

I am absolutely loving my time with sweet Lucy Jane!  I have to admit I have thought about getting a classroom ready, and meeting new students, and writing names on popcicle sticks......but I am quite okay with not going back this year!  I can't even imagine being in "school mode" already what has seemed like a very short summer!  I will be praying for all my teacher friends as they start this week!  You guys have a very important job and it gets more challenging each year!

I love catching random goofy shots of Lucy Jane throughout the day.  Here are just a few I thought I would share.....

Playing instead of going to bed @ 10:30 p.m.

Her response to me asking her to say, "Cheese"

Sitting in her BABY DOLL'S stroller! And yes, she had to have a passy b/c the baby did!

Now they each have their own stroller and passy!

Eating pizza laying in the floor!

Her Cardinal's Outfit my Dad got her!

She had to share her lunch with kitty and puppy!

Trip to Children's!

We have had a trip to Little Rock scheduled for a while now to meet with a Dr. about Lucy Jane's acid reflux and 'throwing up' issues.  We were very excited to meet with the DR to schedule her scope (which is later this month) to finally get some answers for her! We also found out that after getting her shots she came down with Chicken Pox!  They say 1 in 100 contract the Chicken Pox from the live vaccine!  Lucky Us! :) 
 I'm not complaining.  We are very thankful that this is the worse thing we have to deal with while knowing there are others dealing with things so much worse. 
While waiting on the Dr. Lucy Jane was very cranky but managed to have a little fun playing with a few of their toys. 

We go August 24th for her Upper GI Scope and they will biopsy from her stomach and bowels and check for different allergies and ciliac.  Pray for my sweet girl and her momma since she will have to be put to sleep for the procedure.  I know my God is the Master Physician and will be taking great care of her!  What a great peace!

Playday with my Buddy!

I'm a little behind on posting!  Lucy Jane and I had a fun play day a few Friday's ago!  We started off the morning at Chic fil a playing!  She is getting so big and independent!  I am LOVING my time her!  Each day she is learning new things, saying something new, or finding a new way to capture my heart.  I love her more than life! 

That afternoon I decided to take her to the Gentry Petting Zoo.  She loves animals, and I knew should would enjoy seeing the different animals.  She had a great time!!! The only time she got upset was when the silly monkey swooped down and stole her hairbow right off her head!  What girl wouldn't get upset thought, right?!

What a fun day with my sweet girl!