Monday, August 8, 2011

Random Moments With Lucy Jane!

I am absolutely loving my time with sweet Lucy Jane!  I have to admit I have thought about getting a classroom ready, and meeting new students, and writing names on popcicle sticks......but I am quite okay with not going back this year!  I can't even imagine being in "school mode" already what has seemed like a very short summer!  I will be praying for all my teacher friends as they start this week!  You guys have a very important job and it gets more challenging each year!

I love catching random goofy shots of Lucy Jane throughout the day.  Here are just a few I thought I would share.....

Playing instead of going to bed @ 10:30 p.m.

Her response to me asking her to say, "Cheese"

Sitting in her BABY DOLL'S stroller! And yes, she had to have a passy b/c the baby did!

Now they each have their own stroller and passy!

Eating pizza laying in the floor!

Her Cardinal's Outfit my Dad got her!

She had to share her lunch with kitty and puppy!

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