Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our friend, Monkey!

I have learned that modeling is one of the best ways to teach a child! haha Well, we have a stuffed animal (which I swore I would not allow in my house) that has come to the rescue!  Monkey is almost as big as Lucy Jane, and Rich brought it home from a roofing convention!  Monkey wears a diaper because we went through a stage where we had to change Monkey's diaper to get Lucy Jane to let us change her diaper!  Monkey does a lot of things first....and then Lucy Jane gladly follows!  Monkey enjoys many meals with Lucy Jane these days!  She will feed the Monkey a bite and then take a bite herself!  It is hilarious!  :)  I caught a few pictures of her feeding Monkey the other day.....they are kinda blurry because they were with my phone!  I will try to be more prepared with my camera next time! 

I found a cute onesie at T.J. Maxx for $3.99 that said, "I love My Auntie"  Lucy Jane calls my sister Auntie.....and I wanted her to have the onesie.  She hasn't worn a onesie since she was only a few months old so it was quite comical as I put it onto her!  Here is a picture of her wearing it around the house.  

She is really into this dressing herself stage.....isn't this a little early???? It cracks me up!  I went into the bathroom a few minutes later and she was playing with my make-up and she had attempted to put her dress on over the onesie! 
Such a mess!  

You can see Monkey laying in the background! haha

I'm loving my days at home with my little sweetie!  

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