Monday, August 8, 2011

Trip to Children's!

We have had a trip to Little Rock scheduled for a while now to meet with a Dr. about Lucy Jane's acid reflux and 'throwing up' issues.  We were very excited to meet with the DR to schedule her scope (which is later this month) to finally get some answers for her! We also found out that after getting her shots she came down with Chicken Pox!  They say 1 in 100 contract the Chicken Pox from the live vaccine!  Lucky Us! :) 
 I'm not complaining.  We are very thankful that this is the worse thing we have to deal with while knowing there are others dealing with things so much worse. 
While waiting on the Dr. Lucy Jane was very cranky but managed to have a little fun playing with a few of their toys. 

We go August 24th for her Upper GI Scope and they will biopsy from her stomach and bowels and check for different allergies and ciliac.  Pray for my sweet girl and her momma since she will have to be put to sleep for the procedure.  I know my God is the Master Physician and will be taking great care of her!  What a great peace!

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