Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Have to share...

As women and Moms, I think we all struggle with feeling good enough, accepting ourselves for who God created us to be, and genuinely appreciating who we are in HIM. 

This was my devotional this morning...

I struggle with the negative talk. "This makes me look fat" "I wish I could keep my house as well as she does" "we should all have dinner together at 5:30 like every other family" and on and on.... We can not compare our lives to others because we honestly have no clue what their life is really about behind closed doors. God created us uniquely to be our own being in his image. 

We all have flaws. Don't beat yourself up. Talking about our problems does nothing to fix them! Take action, but keep notice of your progress! :) 

Find your confidence in The Lord. He should be the one to fill us, not others. I am challenged today to be the best ME that I can be. Hard work pays off! :) lets vow to not compare ourselves to anyone but HE who holds the standard!