Saturday, March 29, 2014

3 Moms, 4 Kids, and A Lot of Fish!

We planned a fun day in Tulsa for Thursday!!! I asked my friend Mollie and her little girl Caroline to ride over to Tulsa with me and the kids to see Haley and Hoyt! 
A couple weeks ago, I was driving home from Haley's house in OKC (right before they moved) and somehow got lost!!!! Not sure what happened, but the 3.5 hour trip took me and the kids almost 7 and a speeding ticket! Lucy Jane still reminds me almost daily about my encounter with the police, and that I cried, AND that he said I should drive safely with my children. Guess he thought 20 over was a big deal! Whoops! 

Soooo, mollie is my personal GPS, she helped me get home that night! She also used to live in Tulsa and knows the fun spots!! 

Lucy Jane had just gotten a new maxi dress and was so excited to wear it to see her Tee Tee! We found her asleep on the stairs in her dress the night before!!

We went to Haley's new house first, and then all loaded up for the aquarium. The wind was out of control!!! Maybe I'm a party pooper, but I was not impressed with the aquarium. Maybe it's that I'm not an animal person, who knows?! A fish is a fish. You've seen one you've seen them all!

Mollie and Caroline feeding the fish! 

We had lunh at Los Cabos! It was good! Rich doesn't like to eat Mexican food, so anytime I'm eating out without him it's either chic-fil-a or Mexican! Ha

Silly cousins! 

There were a few fun stores we wanted to hit before coming home, and since the kids were being troopers we went for it! Such a fun day, but we were all pooped by bedtime!  

So glad Haley lives so much closer now!!! I am already ready to go back! 

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