Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Fun

What a fun relaxing day! Rich had been asked to play in a golf tournament with some friends, so the kids and I headed to my parents for the day! I am pretty sure Rich had a blast! He would play golf everyday if he knew it wouldn't put him in the doghouse! 

He does look pretty cute out there! I've converted him to wearing bright colored clothes!!! 

We enjoyed the day playing outside, swimming, eating way too much, and cooking out at Darla and Wayne's! 

Mom had lunch ready when we got there! So yummy! 

Lucy Jane loves her Hoyt baby! :) 

Lucy 'Wayne' loves her Uncle Wayne! 

Mimi and Eddie sat out in the heat just to visit!

The kids favorite spot is in Bubba's neck!

Sweet boys!!!! 

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