Sunday, May 12, 2013

First plane ride as a Family of Four

Our friend, Ted, lives in Minnesota and got married last weekend! Rich was asked to be a groomsman, so the four of us made a weekend vacation out of it! So thankful for kids who are great travelers and don't require a strict routine! We had late nights and early mornings and stayed on the go in between! We had such a good time! 

We spent two afternoons/late nights at the Mall of America! Shopped until we dropped and rode ride with Lucy Jane at the amusement park! She was sooo good even though we knew she was so tired! She never meets a stranger! :) love her little personality! Kaylor was just along for the ride! He is SUCH a good baby! 
It was his first time to fly! We had the kids picture made with the pilots! Lucy Jane thought that was so cool! She loved the snacks and drink on the plane too! 

She had so much fun playing with Ted's little girl and nephew at the wedding! We took a ton of pictures, but I will try to only share a few! 

Her friend John was on our flight! His family was going to sunny Hawaii! (A little jealous) 

Helping out with Brother while we were shopping! World's BEST big sister right here!

No naps during the day so she just fell asleep whenever she could!!

Lots of coffee for mom and Dad! :)

She wanted golf clubs just like Daddy! It won't be long and I'm sure she will have her own set!

Lots of fun rides!!! She rode several twice! 

3 hotels in 3 nights! She had lots of time riding like this! Good thing her daddy has big muscles!!!

We pulled over on the side of the road for this picture! So cool!

Her reward for being good during our lATE supper!!! Wild child! 

Love all the color! She didn't even want me on the ride with her. She can do it "all by herself" ya know! 

She said this was her other daddy!!! Had her real daddy a little confused! 

Loved the aquarium! :)

Ted and Hilary! Congrats to you both!

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