Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fun day at the Zoo!

Today was a beautiful day! My sister, friend Gayla, and their kiddos drove up the hill to visit! We took the whole gang to the Gentry zoo! We loaded 3 adults and 4 carseats into my surburban and headed out! Of course, we had to stop for lunch in our way out of town! The girls, Lucy Jane and Paisley, are at such a fun age! They were so excited to be going to the zoo!

The boys slept in their carseats most of the drive there and the girls fought over toys and snacks! :) I think the adults enjoyed the animals more than the kids! It was fun seeing how close they could get to us before we chickened out and started rolling up the window! Okay, I think I am the Only one who kept rolling up my window! Those birds are scary looking!!

We came back to the house and played before they headed home! Such a fun day! Looking forward to summertime actives! The weather was so nice today!

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