Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unpacking and Decorating......

We are FINALLY in our new home.....the boxes are emptied and things are finally coming together!!!  We are STILL waiting on furniture in our main living room and office....so it is looking a little empty...and some walls are still very naked!  (too afraid to commit to a nail hole until I am certain) :)  Needless to say, after a fresh coat of paint and adding our personal touches the house looks completely different!  We are LOVING our new home!  Unpacking and cleaning stinks......BUT decorating is so much fun! I lay in bed at night and decorate in my head instead of sleep and then play around with ideas all day!  :)  I should do a before/after blog...but it would take too much time!  Here are some pics of some of the rooms!  :) 

Here is our bedroom!  We love the super tall ceilings!

My princess Lucy Jane's room! 

This is in her playroom....this room is still a work in progress!

Guest bathroom/bedroom

Breakfast area in kitchen!
This is where we spend the majority of our time!  This is the living room upstairs!  Very laid back!  If you look closely you will see Rich on the couch! 

Quote above Lucy Jane's bed
        Another pic of Lucy Jane's bathroom...not sure how it got down here! haha
 My kitchen! 
Dining room

Guest bedroom

Our bathroom

Downstairs livingroom....picture taken on phone :(  Still waiting on furnture!

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  1. Hilary it looks sooooo good! Couldn't be more excited for you guys!!