Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Kaylor! (Lucy Jane's little brother)

Wow! I am almost 23 weeks pregnant and still find myself shocked many days that our family is about to expand by one more! Lucy Jane is super excited about the baby in Mommy's (hilwey) tummy! She calls me hilwey most days! Haha hoping she grows out of this one! :)

Lucy Jane you are going to be the best big sister ever! You have had lots of practice with your new cousin baby Hoyt , and got to meet another brand new cousin , Gray, yesterday! You have always loved babies, but you are showing me everyday how much of a help you are going to be! You like to pretend you are a baby, too! Yesterday, you started crawling around the house and you really like chocolate milk or diet coke ha out of a bottle! I hope you don't feel like Baby Kaylor will take your place! You will always be my sweet baby girl!

Your favorite thing is to listen to the baby's heartbeat in the morning before we start our day, and you love to cuddle my belly at night when I rock you to sleep! I am super nervous about the changes coming, but know God gave you a compassionate, helpful, independent spirit for a reason! You will make an excellent Big Sister!!! I love you, Monkey!

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