Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What a Day! Love my little girl!

We started gymnastics again today! Last time Lucy Jane was just a tad too young for the class;however, this time she did amazing! She was so excited to go to her "gymnastics show" as she calls it! We ft dressed in her leotard and leggings and had a big talk about following directions on the drive! 😃

We will definitely be going back! I really wanted to get her involved in an activity before Baby Kaylor makes his debut! I think this is one she will enjoy! My baby is getting so big!

A group of girls from our Mops group got together today and went to a local nursing home! We wanted to take some time out of our afternoon to just love on these sweet people! The kids colored with them, played play-doh, and sang songs! Lucy Jane instantly made a buddy with a sweet man named Elmo! At first, she looked at him funny and said "you're not Elmo" :) but I guess she got over it!!!

She wanted to sit in his lap, help him color, put stickers on him, and her favorite was trying to push him in his wheel chair! (Made me a little nervous)

I pray that she always has such a compassionate heart for others! Hoping that teaching her to love others from an early age will help her see the importance! Thankful for a group of ladies that also see the importance of putting others before yourselves!

By the end of the afternoon, I was popped! Feeling very pregnant today! So tired and achy! We didn't make it to awanas tonight...I found myself on the couch watching a Christmas movie with my Monkey. Hoping to have normal energy tomorrow!

The pictures might be out of order because I am doing this from my phone, but they are too sweet not to share!

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