Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lavaca Parade & Bubba's Birthday

What a fun day!  I was so looking forward to the Lavaca Parade this year, simply because it would be Hoyt's first time to ride with Lucy Jane.  She loves her Baby Hoyt and was so excited about riding behind Mules!  (or horses as she called them) We dressed the kiddos in their christmas cuteness and watched from the sideline! :)

It was also my dad's (Bubba) birthday!  We ate lunch and spent the day laying around relaxing!  It was so nice to just visit and relax for the day!  Lucy Jane had a blast playing with Baby Hoyt and trying out her new big girl bed at Nana's! 

We have recently switched Lucy Jane out of her baby bed :( and put her in a Queen.  Her bedroom is officially big sister ready. Makes me sad, but she LOVES it!  She is wanting to play in her new room all the time!  I will say ,I have enjoyed a few naps with her at nap time!  Next project: nursery!  Bedding is being made as we speak and walls and furniture to be painted soon! 


  Bubba had to help her get warmed up to the idea of riding behind this Mule! :) 

(These two kinda like each other!!)

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