Saturday, January 7, 2012

Making Memories!

"Maybe one day they'll reach back in their file, and pull out that old memory and think of me and smile..." :) 

Okay, I'm a little cheesy when it comes to some things....and being sentimental is one of them! I like everything to have an "aww" feeling or mean something!  Creating memories with Lucy Jane is something that is very important to me! I know she won't really remember much of what we do now...ok in reality probably none of it...but I do believe that the love, attention, and quality time that you give a child in the early years instills a sense of safety and creates who they become in their older years! 

Today was such a good Saturday!  Usually Rich has some sort of work to do but today he was home!  It was so nice!  My mom and dad came up and hung out and played with Lucy Jane! She sure misses seeing them and is always so excited when they get to play with her!  I think Mom and Dad spent 2 hours in the floor just playing whatever she wanted to play!  (She might be a little spoiled) 

After they left we all took good naps!  Always nice after a good play time! Rich was itching to get out of the house and do something!  We needed to look for a couple things for a trip coming up, so we decided to run to Academy!  I can always find something in Academy!  Rich let Lucy Jane ride at the bottom of the shopping cart throughout the store which she thought was sooo cool! 

She also go to take a run on the elliptical machine with daddy! She thought that was the coolest thing ever!  Mini-melt down when it was time to walk away! 

We decided to go to Chic-fil-a afterwards and let Lucy Jane play (to wind down before bedtime) :)  It is across the parking lot! Daddy let her help drive....shh!  Don't tell on us! 

She had to get the music going....(It's Barney) haha

She made a few friends in Chic Fil A....imagine that right?!  She played so hard and had so much fun!  Rich and I have decided that next time we go out with friends and kids...we are going to Chic Fil A!  We could actually have a conversation! :) 

Lucy Jane's litte friend was very mothering! So thankful Lucy Jane was patient for the most part!  My strong-willed, sweet :), VERY independent child isn't much on others 'mothering' her!  She likes to be boss! haha 

I sure love creating sweet memories with Lucy Jane!  Slow down, enjoy life, take time to do things that are most important!  Everything else can wait!  (still learning this)  

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