Monday, January 16, 2012

The Windy City

We had the opportunity to visit Chicago for a couple of days this past week!  What a wonderful time away and time of relaxing!  I didn't realize I was so up for a break until we finally left!  My sister said that she would keep Lucy Jane for the week so on Tuesday I drove her to Oklahome City, drove home, and Rich and I got in the car and headed out for our trip! We stopped half way and stayed the night in a 'lovely' hotel! ha We got up the next morning and finished our drive! 

Rich only got one speeding ticket on our way there! ha  The speed limit is 65 on the interestates in Illinois!  His excuse was he was used to 75!  Driving into the city was crazy! The traffic was insane!  So glad we don't live in a big city! We saw the President's airplane as we were driving into town.  He was there for a convention! 

We walked around the Navy Pier and walked around looking at everything and decided to take a Cab downtown to look around.  We ended up meeting a super nice family that lived on Michigan Avenue.  (Crazy if you ask me)  The Mom was a lawyer and the dad an Architect.  They had a 3 year old little girl.  They were in walking distance to their jobs and their daughters school.  It was so neat to see how other people live their life!  They highly reccomended that we try out the John Hancock building for the view and the dinner.  Our view from the top of the John Hancock center was amazing! 

On Thursday, Rich had meetings in a small town outside of Chicago!  He had about a 2 hour commute.  I was left to walk around, enjoy the snow and QUIET of the city, and shop!  I had the best day all by myself!  It was the most peaceful day of walking around shopping and enjoying the beautiful snow! I decided to be random and book a hair appointment to go brunette instead of blonde!  (If you are wondering why my hair is different colors in the pictures!)  I love to be spontaneous...hoping it grows on me! haha   I could never live in the hustle and bustle of the city, but it is such a nice place to visit! 

We had the sweetest bellman who helped us when we first go to the hotel!  He spoke Russian and taught me how to say, "I love you".  He was such a neat guy!  He shared his unique story with us about how he and his family ended up in the United States.  His wife also worked for the hotel where we stayed! I highly reccomend staying here if you are ever in Chicago!  It is within walking distance from anything you could want to do for the most part!  Anyway...his wife brought us a tray of sparkling waters and chocolates because she said her husband told her we were nice people!  How sweet, right?! 

By Friday afternoon, I was having major Lucy Jane withdrawls!  After having a bawl fest for a bit, Rich agreed to leave a day early even though we couldn't get our money back!  He knew this momma needed to see her baby girl!  We wanted to do something fun and different our last night!  I had gotten a massage that afternoon and the girl told us about an Improv show at a local theater.  Rich looked it up and we booked our show!  It was kind of like the show Who's Line Is It Anyway?  Before the show, we shopped and ate dinner at a Mexican place! 

We woke up Saturday morning and drove home!  It was a great time of relaxing and spending quality time together!  It is so easy to lose focus on your spouse when you have a child.  I thoroughly enjoyed our getaway.  Such great memories!  

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