Monday, January 16, 2012

Lucy Jane's Vacation!

Tuesday morning, Rich and I got up and got the car loaded with all of Lucy Jane and Luke's things to spend the week with Josh and Tee Tee!  Of course, this would be the morning I had to wake her up at 9:30 so that we could leave!  We had a 3 hour drive to OKC, and I knew we had to make a Sonic stop before we could get out of town! Lucy Jane starts saying "chicken" when she sees Sonic! haha  She got french toast and milk and I had a Diet Dr. Pepper! Lucy Jane, all her baby dolls, and Luke were now ready to go!   

We got to OKC and had a quick lunch and I was back on the road!  I drove straight back home so that Rich and I could leave for our trip!  Haley said Lucy Jane started calling her, "Momma" as soon as I left!  So glad to know that she was missing me! haha 

The first picture is of Lucy Jane eating dinner the first night!  Notice Luke isn't too far behind!  Haley took Lucy Jane to play with Paisley at Chic fil a!  Lucy Jane loves to climb up to the top and slide down by herself!  Such a big girl! 

I think Lucy Jane had a great time with Josh and Haley!  She loves spending time with them! 

Breakfast in the bathtub?!  Sure, why not!!!

Wearing Josh's nametag!  He ordered her and Luke both one with their names on it! What a great Uncle!

She loves her Tee Tee!

Haley wasn't feeling well and so there was a change in plans on Thursday.  Rich's mom and dad were kind enough to drive to OKC and pick up Lucy Jane!  They drove back with Lucy Jane, all her babies, Luke, and Banner their dog.  Can you even imagine!!!  Lucy Jane is obsessed with dogs, so I am sure it made the ride entertaining! 

Lucy Jane spent Thursday night and Friday night with Mamaw and Papa.  Everytime I called to check on her she was busy as can be and I could hear her laughing!  Between having 2 dogs and 1 cat, Lucy Jane was in heaven! 

My mom picked up Lucy Jane Saturday morning!  I am so thankful for a family that all worked together to help us be able to have a few days together!  Lucy Jane loves spending time with Bubba and Nana!  Mom texted me a picture as soon as she got to her house! I was a little OCD with the checking on my baby!  She was having popcorn chicken from McDonalds, and she looked pretty content! 

They spent some time playing dress up that afternoon, too!  Lucy Jane loves to dress herself!  The funny thing is none of these clothes fit her anymore!  She didn't seem to mind!  Nana also painted her toenails hot pink!  Ooooo...pitty (pretty) as she says! 

I sure did miss my baby girl while I was gone!  We have had such a great Monday being back together!  I will post pictures from today later!  Time for the Bachelor and bed! :)  Again, so thankful for family that was so willing to help out with Lucy Jane because they know how important "married time" is too!  Rich and I love you guys! 

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