Monday, January 2, 2012

Lunch Date with My Baby!

I woke up Saturday feeling so yucky and had a little girl that was full of energy!  I knew there was NO WAY that I could stay in the house until nap time and not go crazy! I had the great idea to take Lucy Jane to lunch. Just me and her.  (Insane, I know)  Rich and I have a hard enough time taking her out to eat with the both of us!  I had a talk with her in the car and said, "Lucy Jane, Mommy wants to take you to eat lunch and I want you to act like a big girl! We will have lots of fun!"  I am sure she heard every word and understood just what I meant!  The talk  may have been more for me than her!

I love to eat at McCallisters; Rich doesn't like their food!  So.....I saw a perfect opportunity to go there since it was just me and LJ right?! :)  Kid friendly environment, kid friendly food, and a big cold Diet Dr. Pepper with good ice and a reusable cup for home! Off we went!  

We walked in and I was carrying Lucy Jane, her diaper bag, my keys, her nite-nite (blanket- which happens to be a really soft crib sheet that she is in love with at the moment, so you can imagine how big it is...and yes it had to go in the restaurant, and puppy) I ordered our food, shifted everything around and paid the server, then wondered how in the world I would add 2 drinks to the mix to get to our booth.  I put Lucy Jane down and told her to walk beside me!  She DID!!!! Hallelujah!  She stopped along the way and grabbed a booster seat (on her own) and carried it (by herself) to the booth!  Way to be a helper Lucy Jane!!!

She sat in her booster seat and ate an entire grilled cheese and my pickle!  She got up occasionally to look at herself in the mirror but would sit right back down and keep eating! I felt like I was having lunch with a very favorite buddy, instead of a baby! (bittersweet)  She is growing up.  

I hope this was the first of many more Mommy/Lucy Jane dates! I want to be the one that she wants to spend her time with!  I sure do love my little buddy!  And yes, we both took long naps when we got home! Mission Accomplished!  

That night we had to have a cookie from the mall!  We were both rested and needed some sugar! :)  

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  1. She is a precious girl! They are growing up soooo fast... tear!