Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!- It's a long one sorry!

Christmas is always such an emotional time for me. (More so than normal, haha)  For some reason, this Christmas season is when I really 'got it', grasped what all really happened in the Christmas story. I think being a mom really put things into perspective. We watched a video at church that showed the excitement of the wise men as they CELEBRATED the birth of the new born King!  It also showed Mary placing baby Jesus into the manger, that tiny little baby just laying there in a manger...with hay...where nasty, stinky animals eat. (no, i am not a fan of animals) :)  That baby is our Savior. I wouldn't let Lucy Jane lay in that for anything.....but it was good enough for our Lord. 
I think about 33 years later....Mary watching Jesus hang on the cross in pain, bleeding, hurting...and to die for US. He had never done anything wrong, never sinned, never even had a bad thought...and she knew that...but she watched him hurting for us. My heart breaks when Lucy Jane is hurt or sick or upset. Could I watch her die for the sin of others? I have a hard time even forgiving others who have done me wrong...much less GIVE my child so that they may live eternally in Heaven???

My prayer is that from now on I focus on the reality of the Christmas story. It is about celebrating the birth of Christ, but also his death and resurrection. I don't know about you...but when you 'get it' it changes the way you look at Christmas. I wish it didn't take me 26 years for it to sink in. 
Our Christmas Weekend
I love traditions, I love making memories, and I love spending time with family.  This year is seems that every tradition Rich or I had always done went away.  We both had certain things that we do every year, and because of everyone's schedules on both sides of the family everything changed.  On Friday (Elve's Eve)  we had Rich's parents, sister, and the kiddos over to exchange presents and enjoy a meal together. 

Normally on Elve's Eve (ever since I was a little kid) we make and decorate cookies!  This is the night Santa's elves fly around to check on the boys and girls to make sure they are still being good!  Lucy Jane had been sick and was still not up to par, so she slept through opening presents. :(  Rich's parents stayed the night with us and got up and had breakfast ready the next morning!  Patti made her famous breakfast caserole!

Saturday, (Christmas Eve) we had Christmas dinner at our house with Rich's extended family.  We always enjoy getting to spend time with his cousins, aunt, and Grandparents.  I had never been responsible for half of a Christmas meal before so I was a little nervous!  (I found the deviled eggs in the fridge yesterday that I had made and was supposed to serve) Whoops! We ate dinner, opened a few presents, and enjoyed watching the kiddos play!  I really wish Christmas could be less commercial and more about spending quality time with your family.  I always say, Christmas is the time I love and hate the most.  I love it for many obvious reasons, but I can't stand the stress and tension that comes with the planning.  (And you know me...I start feeling the stress in January for the following year) Not anymore. This was my last Christmas to stress.  PROMISE.

Rich and I had staged our Santa visit and exchanged our gifts late the night before, so when Lucy Jane woke up it was ALL ABOUT HER!  She loved her goodies!  We went to church Christmas morning, had lunch at Brent and Leslie's (Rich's cousin) and then headed down to my parents! 

Our traditional Breakfast for supper was on Christmas night with my dad's side of the family, and then Monday (day after) was when we celebrated with my family!  This was the most relaxed, laid back day ever!  We hardly took any pictures, we lounged around in our lazy clothes, and loved every minute of it!  My mom had prepared yummy food and her decor was so cute!  She always does such a great job decorating!  My favorite gift was a new sewing machine!  I can't wait to start doing a few projects!  Here are just a few random pictures, something happened on my camera and it will not load half of them :(

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