Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Terrific Tuesday!

I love days where I get to enjoy being at home!  I've been feeling a little crafty lately...I think that comes with staying home, the weather being cold, and my addiction to Pinterest!  It is so hard to see cute ideas and not recreate things for your home!  I even conned Rich into helping out last night with a couple projects! 

We have a picture in our house made out of unique letters that I spent way to much at Hobby Lobby to have it framed and matted!  I found a link on Pinterest where you can view all the letters to make your very own "cost efficient" picture!  I wanted something bright for Lucy Jane's playroom and something more calm for our kitchen!  I printed out the pictures yesterday, painted the frames and boards last night, and put the pieces together today.  I am by no means a "handy-woman", but I found my way around Home Depot and found just what I needed!  I did have to ask the lady who obviously had food stuck in her teeth because she dug in her mouth the entire time I was there saleslady to cut the board for me.  Actually, not to be mean, but the lady didn't have top teeth and she was eating the crumbs she found in her mouth.  I almost walked out, but I really wanted to complete this project!  Ewww, I'm sick thinking about this moment! 

I was going to paint these frames white....but after being so ready to get out of Home Depot (refer to previous paragraph for reason), I accidently grabbed clear paint.  It had a white cap!  I decided to use Chalkboard paint because I had it and it was black! Improvising...story of my life!  Rich stepped in and helped with this part!  Here is the finished project!  Before gluing so not perfectly straight. (Don't judge)  I did a couple more crafts, but they are Christmas presents, so I can't post pictures yet!  

I will have to say my absolute favorite part of my day was seeing my car SPARKLING clean!  No, I didn't do it!  I said I wouldn't let Lucy Jane eat in the's disguisting!  Well......I cave and she eats things from frosted animal crackers, pretzels, even grapes on occasion!  So, you can only imagine what my car looked like!  I wish I would have taken a before picture! One of Rich's pet peeves is a dirty car....looking at his truck you would never know that though! they did a leather treatment and scrubbed EVERYTHING....I can't remember the last time I saw her carseat without a mound of crumbs underneath!

I have to post one more picture of Lucy Jane and Luke!  This morning she was playing in her play kitchen and cooking up a big meal!  She was feeding Luke fake bacon!  I caught them coming down the stairs together!  She makes me smile!  My sweet baby girl is 19 months old today!  This happened Waaaay to fast!


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