Thursday, December 29, 2011

Slumber Party and Santa Claus!!!

What a fun night!  Our niece Maggie had a few of her friends over for a Slumber Party at our house!  There were 4 girls who were ready to have a good time! When I picked them up from school, their giggles immediately filled the car!  Lucy Jane was in heaven!  She went from 19 months to 13 years old very quickly!  She mimicked everything they did and said!  It was pretty cute!  The girls went upstairs to get dressed for the evening! (Fix hair, apply make-up, you know get all frilly)  I had made plans for us to all go eat at the food court in the mall and let the girls walk around and look at the stores!  I was going to take Lucy Jane to get her picture made with Santa while they shopped! 

When the girls came down the stairs I noticed Lucy Jane had on GREEN eye shadow and mascara!  I about died!  Needless to can see it in her Santa picture!  Memories...right?!  We had already been to the mall to meet Santa in hopes that the picture event wouldn't be so traumatic! It's not the best...but I've definetely seen worse!  

 Her shoes were off and on all night, and we had already lost the bow several times!  (She kept pulling out her rubber band)  

We came back to the house and the girls got into their pj's and played hide and seek!  They included Lucy Jane which was super sweet! Now, I tend to be the party pooper when it comes to getting wild and crazy.....but my husband is NOT.  He had the great idea to go and toilet paper someones house........!  Yes, he is a 33-year old grown man!  (Do you feel sorry for me?!)  If he is going to do something...he will do it right!  SO....he took the girls to Wal-Mart and bought them toilet paper, markers, poster boards, and a sweet card to leave behind for their poor victim! Here is the finished product!  

This is just a picture from the side....Rich deleted the other ones!  This was taken the next day when they were there helping clean up!  Never heard of that before!   They all had a blast! 


  1. What a great auntie and uncle you two are!! I could tell you some wild stories about the times we were either tp'd or our kids tp'd someone else's houses. Oh, boy! I'm glad they are only memories!!!