Monday, December 9, 2013

Cozy Kiddos

We'll, the first snow of the winter has hit our area! I remember feeling so disappointed the first winter that we lived here because we did not get any snow! This winter is already making up for it! I love the way it looks out the window, but I'm not a huge fan of freezing outside! Thankfully, we never lost power like many of our friends and family did! We stayed cozied up inside and played tons! 

This is a picture of our playroom before we picked it up for the 100th time yesterday! So glad that we have lots to play with, but goodness staying home creates lots of messes!!! 

This little activity can entertain my kids for an hour!!! They love playing in the shower, and sometimes if I am lucky, the hot water makes them ready to cuddle up for a long winters nap! 

I finally just decided to set up shop and enjoy a book and some coffee!!!

We had yummy food and even had friends over to share it with us! Always thankful for 4-wheel drive! :) 

Lots of hugs between these two the past couple of days! 

Lucy Jane has played and played with her baby dolls, brother, and cat! Love her imagination! She keeps us laughing!!!

Kaylor has loved playing with his buddy, Luke! I think Luke likes all the extra attention since we've all been at home so much! 

We've loved having Daddy home, too! Lucy Jane has loved all the playtime outside with him and he has enjoyed seeing how many messes I clean up in a day! (Okay, maybe I liked him seeing that) :) 

This boy loves to eat! His new favorite is honey nut Cheerios!!! We have all eaten way too much! Only fun to snack on junk food! 

Our sweet Elf, Elfie, has been faithful to remember us during this weather!!! 

Hoping to use Lucy Jane's new sled today when Rich gets home from work! So much fun, going a little stir crazy, but enjoying these times all "cooped up"! :)

Hope you all have enjoyed the winter wonderland!

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