Tuesday, December 24, 2013

9 months Old!

Well, Kaylor is 9 months old! Crazy! Sweetest baby boy! He weighs 17 pounds and is FINALLY sleeping through the night! Wahoo!!!!!!! This is truly something to celebrate! He can say momma, (and I am not just interpreting mushy sounds) hi, and get anywhere he wants to go by scooting/crawling! He doesn't have the proper format down but his way works! I'm hoping that he will figure out the right way, but whatever works! 

He has found the light sockets...in every room of our our house...! And he just smiles when I spat his hand and say No! 

He has crazy hair......it sticks up everywhere!

He has a sister that adores him and carries him wherever he wants to go...and some places he doesn't want to go! 

This little boy is loved and spoiled rotten! 

He loves Luke...and could stare at him forever! 

He loves his Daddy, too! :)

He couldn't quit staring at Santa! 

He loved all the Christmas shopping trips! 

And sisters Christmas parties.....

He just loves being with Lucy Jane...period! :)

Especially when she dresses him up! :)

Happy Nine months baby boy! So glad we get to share this life with you! :) 

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