Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life Lately!

It is so cold here and sickness is everywhere!!! We have spent so many days cooped up in our pajamas playing, and I have loved every minute of it! (Mostly every minute :)) 

Lucy Jane is so creative and learning so much! She loves to paint, draw, color, play babies, board games, and her new found love is Netflix! 

I told her the other night she couldn't watch a certain movie on netflix because it was rated PG, and I hadn't seen it yet! I said, "Lucy Jane, you are "3"! You can watch a movie for 3 year olds!" She was so serious and looked at Rich and I and said, "I am not 3, I am 14, and I am a big sister!!! I can watch it!"

I couldn't even believe I was having to have the conversation with her, but her replies keep me rolling! 

She had taken what we both thought was a dollar bill out of my purse and put it in her pocket to take to school! Her teacher gave it back to me the next day, saying her music teacher saw it and held it for her! I asked Lucy Jane why her music teacher had to take her money away during class? (Expecting a response about her playing with her money, and she should not have been) oh no! She said , "oh mom! She's a mean one!" 

So witty for such a little thang! :)

Kaylor is everywhere!!! Into everything!  He is cutting his top two teeth and it breaks my heart! He LOVES playing with his sister! :) he will just leap out of my arms into hers with the biggest grin and squeals! I pray they always love each other and hold their sibling relationship as so very important! 

Lucy Jane got a much needed trim, and Kaylor got his hair styled!!!

Big 10 Month old!

Playing Dr. With Luke! He's such a good sport! 

These two are trouble!!!

Lucy Jane is really ready for the cold weather to go away!!! She wants to go outside and play!

Love her imagjnation!

Enjoying the days at home, but excited about Spring time to play outside again! Love these sweet babies and SO thankful to be able to spend my days with them!

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