Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 8 months, Baby Boy!

Once again, I am shocked at how quickly time is going! You are 8 months old!!!! How is this? 

You are the happiest little guy! I absolutely love how much you love your sister! I think it's really funny when you steal her puppy!!! She gets so aggrivated...and you just giggle! 

You sit up, scoot backwards, and wiggle crawling yet and I'm kinda okay with that! Your favorite place is still in my arms, and I hope that never changes! 

You like to sit by me while I put on my makeup!

You love playing with Lucy Jane! 

You have been cutting some teeth! Sour gummy worms help with that! 

You are enjoying big boy foods now! Lucy Jane snuck you a few French fries! You loved them! 

Sweet babies playing while I was packing for our trip!

Your smile melts my heart every time!

You are such a big boy!!! You were all dressed up for your sisters ballet recital! 

My prayer for you is that you have a tender heart for others! I love how you always light up our home with your smile and bring so much happiness into our hearts! You are a special little boy! You are loved!

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