Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh, Dug uh luss!!!!!

Well....most of you know I am not an animal person. I don't hate animals, but I don't have this over the top love for them like some do. For some reason, I had "puppy fever" Monday night bad! When I get something in my head, I, like a little kid, get so excited and tend to make irrational impulse decisions! 

Tuesday morning I called several breeders and found Lucy Jane the cutest little black puppy! 

I arranged for Haley to go pick the puppy up, potty train him ha! And bring him to us when she comes home for thanksgiving! By Tuesday night, I had come to my senses! I was refunded my deposit and no longer getting a puppy! 

Back track: my history with dogs isn't the best! When I was pregnant with Lucy Jane I had this lovely "puppy fever" and got a lab puppy! After I had Lucy Jane, I got rid of Luke and this lovely new puppy! 6 months later Luke was back with us!

When Lucy Jane turned two, I had the bright idea to get her 2 puppies! Rich and I drove to this puppy mill in Muldrow, Oklahoma and brought home these lovelies! 

They made it on a beach vacation with us...and then found new homes shortly after! Two little puppies were not for me! 
Like I said, I don't have the best history with animals! 

A few weeks ago, we went to the fall festival at our church. My rule was no goldfish! Of course, rich won two goldfish. One went to Lucy Jane's sweet friend, and the other came home with us. After a couple days it was still swimming, so I decided to invest in a bigger bowl for the thang! 

Showing off their fish!

She loved sweet Bubbles!

Last Saturday, we found Bubbles like this...floating on his side. Sad morning for our family! We had a small funeral and flushed the sweet boy right down the toilet. 

So all this brings me to DOUGLAS.  I offered to take Lucy Jane to get a new fish yesterday. She quickly informed me that she had changed her mind and really wanted a cat. In her words, it would be her buddy and sleep with her! (Ughhh) I couldn't say no! We went to an animal shelter and ended up at Petco to adopt a cat that would perfectly fit our family! Ha! 
He was already named...and Lucy Jane didn't want to change it! 

Here's "Dug uh Lus" on the ride home!

Showing him his food and water...

And yes, sleeping in her bed!

Rich was surprised to find a new member to our family when he got home...but he will learn to love him! 😁
Hope Luke can learn to get along with him soon, too!

Lucy Jane is head over heels...and that's all that matters right! Love our animal adventures! 

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