Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fun, Fun, Fun

What a fun few days we have had, but boy are we tired!!! 

Thursday, we met My aunt, Darla, and cousin, Piper in alma to bring Piper home with us for the night! Lucy Jane tells EVERYONE that Piper is her best friend and she was super excited about her coming to stay the night! She wanted her to be her big sister for the night! 

We ate Mexican before heading home! :) 

Saturday, Lucy Jane and I had a quick trip to the park while Kaykor was napping at Nana's! 

She loves the park! I love seeing how excited she gets about everything! 

All smiles for some FOOD!!! He is one happy little boy! 

We ran some errands in town on Saturday afternoon! Kaylor got some snuggles in the backseat while Lucy Jane was passed out! 

Lucy Jane and Bubba ate supper like this....

These two have a mind of their own!

Story time and snuggles on Saturday night! Not sure how nana misses out on the pictures, cuz Lucy Jane loves snuggles with her too!!!

We decided to bake cookies...we had a crown cookie cutter! They didn't quite turn out like we had planned! Whoops!

She was proud anyway! :)

We saw Papa Sunday afternoon! 

Then, nana loaded us up with lots of goodies to add to our house! We drove home redneck style! 

Fun, fun weekend! Love relaxing at mom and dads! :) they spoil us a little! 

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